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The Wonders of Day Old Bread

Have you ever bought a loaf of bread, brought it home and opened it to find out it’s starting to go stale? Most of us have and it’s not something that makes any of us very happy. But never fear because there are numerous things you can do with that going stale, day old bread. So don’t throw it out it can be a lifesaver in the kitchen.

The Wonders of Day Old Bread

Soup thickener – Many soups can be thickened by adding bread. Just think of the French onion soup you get in a bread bowl. The consistency becomes top notch when you start scraping the sides.

French toast – No matter how dry the bread is, soak it in some eggs, milk and cinnamon and you have the makings for some killer French toast. This is even truer with breads that have hard outer crusts.

Bread pudding – Of course this has to be in the list, after all, it is the main ingredient.

Egg in a nest – If you want a breakfast that will transport you back to your childhood, sitting in your mother’s kitchen, try egg in a nest. Make a small hole in the middle of a slice, drop in an egg and flip and you have the makings of a great day.

Panzanella – This is an Italian bread salad, which makes use of cubes of day old bread.

Croutons – Coat the bread cubes with a light drizzle of olive oil and your favorite herbs, pop in the oven around 375 for 15 minutes and you have the best croutons in the world. Try tossing them with some roasted garlic, cayenne or dried mint right as they come out of the oven.

Breadcrumbs – Take your croutons and smash the heck out of them.

Toast – It is already lacking a little moisture, why not dry it out some more and put some butter and jelly on it?

Grilled cheese – Just add a slice of your favorite cheese or better yet add a slice of cheese and a couple slices of your favorite deli meat.

Cinnamon toast – A little butter, cinnamon and sugar to top the bread and the cereal may make a run for it.

Garlic bread – The all time use for left over French bread, but the idea can be applied to almost any other type of day old bread for a slight twist on an old classic.

Stratta – This is an egg and cubed bread dish that is baked in the oven. A close cousin to the quiche, strata is usually denser and can be made with any number of ingredients, try one with asparagus, mushrooms and goat cheese.

Hamburgers – No, not as a hamburger bun, but chunk it up, slightly larger pieces than breadcrumbs and combine with the meat when you make your hamburgers. The bread will keep the burger light and juicy.

Feed the birds – Birds can’t really tell the difference between fresh bread and day old bread, or if they can, they are not too picky

So there you have it. See day old bread isn’t that bad. Go ahead and grab a loaf or two of day old bread and save the good stuff for a hearty sandwich for lunch.

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