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Thereís More Than One Way to Fry

Fried chicken, French fries, stir fry and the list goes on and on. What are we talking about? Frying of course. Itís the best way to enjoy those crunchy, crispy mouth water treats all of us dream about. Ever wonder how they get food so crispy? Are you asking yourself if fried foods are healthy? There are many questions when it comes to fried food. Letís take a look and see if we can find some answers.

Thereís More Than One Way to Fry

A juicy piece of chicken contains a whole lot of fating ingredients. Mainly itís the grease and oil they are cooked in that leads to these foods being unhealthy. There are different ways to fry foods so that the oil doesnít saturate it but still gives you that crunchy outside. Here are some options when frying:

Stir Fry

Stir frying requires the use of a wok or skillet. Pour your choice of oil, such as canola, olive, palm or vegetable oils into the wok and add whatever sauce suits your fancy. The amount of oil is going to determine its healthiness. Now the stir part comes in. Toss and stir your food mixing all the juices and seasonings together to create a tasty meal!

Pan Fry

When pan frying, a traditional skillet is used. One of the greatest things about pan frying is it allows you to use a very small amount of oil giving you that fried taste without all the fat. When you use less oil it does take a little longer to cook. It is also a lot harder to keep the oil at a steady temperature.

Shallow Fry

This is a happy medium when it comes to the amount of oil being used. Shallow frying means the food is partially submerged in the oil unlike regular frying where everything is ďunder water.Ē Using less oil does make the food somewhat healthier. Shallow frying is best used when foods are battered.

Deep Fry

Ah the traditional deep frying. Everybody should be familiar with this method. This is what we do when making those crispy pieces of chicken or French fries. Itís probably going to be the unhealthiest way to fry just because everything is submerged in the oil. One downfall of using too much oil is that it is flammable so there is always that risk. Something good about deep frying is it is extremely fast! You can fry about anything in a matter of seconds.

With all of these methods of frying you are bound to run into a cleanup situation. Oil sizzles, bubbles and is just generally messy so be prepared when you pull that fryer out. Just remember that greasy clean up is well worth it when you have a lip smacking meal in you tummy.

Frying isnít as bad as itís made out to be. The type and amount of oil you use is where the problems arise. With all the optional ways to fry and all the food choices when it comes to frying anyone can have their crispy chicken without all the worries. The most important thing to remember is with frying less is the healthier way to go.

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