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Tips for Backyard Grilling Parties

Grilling out in the warm months of summer with friends is the greatest. Why not host your own backyard grilling party? Go ahead and invite your friends over today for a tasty meal and some backyard fun. Here we will offer some helpful tips to get that party off to a good start.

Tips for Backyard Grilling Parties

It seems to be that the cooks do more cooking than enjoying time with their company. If you wait until the last minute to prepare your meal the food will not be ready when your guests arrive. Have you ever tried to entertain while you fix the appetizers? You will tend to notice that people will eat in shifts as the food gets ready.

One tip is to avoid this nonsense by planning ahead of time. This will make it easier on the guests and the host also. Prepare your menu beforehand, decide the week before the party what you will serve for the meal. Appetizers or finger foods are great for the guests to munch on while they are waiting for the main course to finish cooking on the grill.

The appetizers that you serve should be small especially if you are serving a variety of grilled meats and vegetables. Veggie or fruit trays with some low calorie dip work great for appetizers. These trays are very easy to make. Just go to your local store and pick one up! In order to have fun, you'll want to do as much as you possibly can ahead of time. The appetizer trays that you buy from the store contain no preservatives therefore, it's okay to buy them pre-packaged.

If the guests will be coming bringing their appetites, you may want to eliminate grilled chicken from the menu. Grilling chicken takes a long time, a lot of this depends on the parts of the bird you are grilling. Waiting for the chicken to cook will cause some of the guests to get their food ahead of the others. To ensure that no guest is left with an empty plate, choose other meats or pre-bake your chicken before grilling to reduce the cooking time.

The grill should be preheated ahead of time. When your guests arrive and see smoke rising from the grill they will assume that you have already started cooking the food. The smell of smoldering charcoal will not really appeal to them. It is recommended that about forty-five minutes before the party, start the gas or charcoal grill so that the coals are hot and ready for grilling once the guests start arriving.

Now, we come to the side dishes and cold salads. Prepare any side dishes at least one hour before the party and for the cold salads prepare those two hours before the party. This will cut down on the work of the host. This will allow you to sit with your friends and wait for the goodies from the grill.

Taking the time to prepare for your backyard party should make the party a success. When the task of preparing for this type of party is finished early, the fun can begin as soon as the guests arrive.

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