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Turkey Alternatives

Turkey has been a tradition on Thanksgiving Day for centuries. Benjamin Franklin actually suggested that the turkey be the national bird instead of the bald eagle. So, turkey has gained importance in American and other societies. Quite frankly, Tom the Turkey would like to be taken out of the spotlight especially at dinner.

Turkey Alternatives for Thanksgiving Day

Many people today are using alternatives for the main dish at their Thanksgiving meal. If you are not having a big gathering this year there is no need to fix a fifteen pound turkey with all of the trimmings and dessert for just a few people.

Many people these days are going vegetarian. A vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner will not include any meat, not even a turkey. According to many people this is not considered a traditional holiday. Traditions are created differently for everyone's lifestyles and beliefs. Vegetarians can celebrate Thanksgiving like everyone else, just minus the turkey.

Fish is just one of the alternatives to turkey. Many fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is just one of these fish. These fatty acids are good for lowering cholesterol in the body. Serving a main dish of salmon along with wild rice and green beans satisfies the stomach. It also does wonders for the body as well. To add a kick to the salmon, try adding a pecan or parmesan crust.

Why not go with chicken? For a more intimate gathering try a roasted chicken as it is smaller than a turkey. Depending on your taste buds a whole chicken can be barbequed or fried, or both. There will be less cooking time when you choose to go with the chicken over the turkey. The chicken can be prepared earlier in the day and heated up later for dinner.

For many, Thanksgiving is not the same without the turkey. For whatever reason they don't need or want a 20 pound turkey. As an alternative they can choose a roasted turkey breast or turkey cutlets. They bake up quickly and don't leave the mess to clean up after dinner.

It is not set in stone that there has to be meat on the table Thanksgiving Day. Casserole dishes will do the job just fine. Rice and broccoli casserole, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, and other vegetable dishes are just a few of the alternatives to choose from. These dishes will fill you up and keep you from missing the turkey.

The whole reason for Thanksgiving is to give thanks for a good year and to enjoy time with family and friends. So, no matter what is on the menu family and friends are still together giving thanks and enjoying the meal.

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