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Uses for Herbs

Tips for helping you get the most from the herbs in your garden.

What To Do With All Those Herbs

There are a vast amount of herbs that can be grown in your garden. Herbs that can be used for cooking, herbs that can be used for medicine and herbs that can be used for just about anything you can think of. Herbs are becoming vastly important in the making of many of the items we use everyday.

Did you know that herbs are used as beauty treatments? Many herbs can be found in skin products, hair products and other beauty treatments we use on a daily basis.

Rosemary can be used when mixed with other products to help lighten or darken hair. It also helps to moisturize your hair in the form of a conditioner. Chamomile when mixed with milk can help prevent oily skin and also to moisturize dry flaky skin. Mint is a wonder addition to many skin toners. Beauty is more than skin deep and herbs can help bring out the best in many of us.

Many people plant herbs in their flower gardens because of the aroma they give off. Lavender and hyssop are not only nice to look at but can give the entire yard a nice aroma. Herbs can be used for aromatherapy. Many of these fragrant herbs can be very soothing when inhaled. Calming stressed nerves, helping you sleep and relaxation are some of the things aromatherapy with herbs can provide. Scented potpourri can also be made with any of these types of herbs. Potpourri placed in a bowl in any room of your home can give you fragrance with a calming effect throughout your whole home.

Today herbal medicine has begun to come to the forefront. People are finding that herbal medicine not only alleviates their ailments but can be much cheaper and contain fewer side effects than their medicinal counterparts.

Growing herbs for medicinal purposes has become a large part of the way people treat themselves. Using different types of herbs in teas or for everyday problems can be a healthy way of life. Garlic is one of the most poplar herbs grown for these purposes along with chamomile and hyssop to name a few.

The best part of growing an herb garden is the herbs you can use in cooking. These herbs are fresh and have tastes that are not found in packaged herbs you find in a store. A little goes a long way so your herbs will last much longer. They give even the most talented of chefs what they need to make their dishes look, taste and smell delicious.

Herbs have many uses and these are just a few. By having your own herb garden not only do you know your herbs are fresh but also the guarantee of no chemicals or preservatives being included. Thereĺs more than one reason to stop and smell the herbs.

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