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Vegan Diets and Children

You're a vegan and now you have a little one who you also want to raise as a vegan, but aren't sure what things to consider about the diet for him or her. Here are some tips discussing just how easy it can be to raise your children as vegans from the very beginning.

Tips for Raising Your Child Vegan

If you are a vegan and want to raise your child in the same manner the most important part to remember is start them when they are young. Children learn from what they see and experience around them. They also have no idea what things taste like in the beginning so if they are only given vegan foods from the start they know nothing else.

Begin from the day they are born. Breastfeeding goes along with the vegan principals and is considered the best way to feed your child from day one. If for some reason you are unable or choose not to breastfeed, there are numerous types of soy based formulas available. This makes it pretty easy to start them out on the right path.

When your baby is ready for something more than formula give them rice cereal. It is good for them and has the nutrients that are necessary for a growing baby. It is also easy for them to digest and has no real taste other than the soy formula used to make it if it is a powered cereal.

Now itís time to start your baby on something other than cereal. This is a great time to introduce your child to fruits and vegetables. There are organic baby foods available or better yet make your own. If you have a blender this is a simple task and less expensive than the store bought foods. Also try mashing fresh fruits such as bananas for your baby. They are fresh and contain no additives or preservatives this way. Soft cooked vegetables are also easy to mash up. Things such as sweet potatoes and peas are great foods to start your baby on.

Once they become a little bigger you may have a hard time getting them to eat things such as vegetables and beans. Try fresh vegetables such as carrots or celery sticks. They will enjoy eating these types of foods because they can hold them in their hands and have total control over them. Continue to puree or mash other foods for them to keep them on the right path.

When a child becomes a toddler then have a tendency to become quite picky. By starting them out young and only giving them vegan type foods they already have an idea of how these things taste. Actually they know nothing else so it might be easier as a parent of a vegan child to get them to eat their vegetables.

If this is a problem try things that all children like to eat. Give them French fries baked in the oven or grilled cheese made with soy cheese. Try vegetable pizza made with soy cheese and even spaghetti with a vegetable sauce can be very likable to a toddler.

Snacks can be easy too. Try popcorn, mixed fresh fruit, trail mix, peanuts and even pancakes made with soy milk. Fruit juices are very healthy for young children and they like the way they taste.

It can be pretty easy to raise a child as a vegan if you begin early and give them only those things supported by a vegan lifestyle. By not exposing them to meats and dairy products from the beginning you are not giving them the knowledge of these items and they will know no different. They will want to continue eating those types of foods as they grow older because itís what they know and are used to.

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