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Pancakes from Scratch

(Classic Weekend Pancakes)


* 2 eggs
* 1 1/4 cups milk
* 1 teaspoon vanilla
* 3 tablespoons butter or vegetable oil
* 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
* 3/4 teaspoon salt
* 2 teaspoons baking powder
* 1 tablespoon sugar (optional)


Easy recipe to make pancakes from scratch.

Blend the eggs, milk and vanilla in a blender or food processor for about 3 minutes.

Mix dry ingredients together (flour, salt, baking powder,sugar) in a large bowl.

Gently fold in egg mixture and quickly (and gently) stir until completely mixed.

Let the batter rest while the griddle is heating (batter will thicken upon standing). Grease the preheated griddle and pour 1/4 cupfuls of batter on the lightly greased griddle.

Cook on one side until bubbles begin to form and break. Then turn the pancakes and cook on the other side until brown (turn only once).


Healthy tip: Toddlers and kids are usually happy to eat pancakes with a yogurt or applesauce spread, rather than maple syrup. You can also omit the sugar.

This quick recipe makes it easy to make pancakes from scratch.

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What do you think about this recipe? Date
    By aly2012-03-17 08:13:37

i dont know how much of the liquid egg product to use. it says a 1/4 cup = 1 egg, but for baked goods it says 1/3 cup = 1 egg. i am really confused.....

    By jace2012-02-02 18:07:35

good tastes like bannock but really good to much salt though

    By nabau2011-07-24 11:27:27

why complain about salt dont use it .....make a bigger batch to make more its to easy and we love them better than using just add water ......!

    By samantha 2011-07-19 20:46:05

i just put everything in and didnt put the vannila in and just made sure it mixed well then made them into waffles

    By Matt2011-07-07 10:21:21

yum sounds so good cant wait to eat

    By Cooper2011-05-19 15:03:39


    By Cooper2011-05-19 15:00:48

Though it was too salty alone it could be improved with syrup

    By Mackenzie2011-05-01 11:17:55

uh... this only makes like 6 pancakes

    By Josh2011-03-22 14:23:34

I mixed these wrong and they were delicious! airy and fluffy. perfect texture. tastes like aunt jemima haha

    By Sierra2011-02-17 20:03:13

I didn't use the blender we just had to alot more flower to do but it still works so they were yummy

    By Sierra2011-02-17 20:01:21

I made them with my mom and they were good

    By tamara 2011-02-02 08:49:08

how much does this recipe make ?

    By Nancy2011-01-11 14:37:29

So... what do you do with the butter or vegetable oil?? Is it supposed to be included in the batter recipe? Or is it to grease the griddle?

    By shyla fritts2011-01-11 06:31:58

i dont no if i should make them . some one are they good

    By Mr. & Mrs. Reyes2010-12-26 09:38:44

Do not use this recipie unless you plan to follow the blending method EXACTLY as written. We followed the recipie but we mixed the batter by hand instead of using a food processor. The batter was extremely watery and the pancakes turned out thin & rubbery. We finally had to add more flour and we ended up with a few that were okay -- edible at least.

    By Patti2010-11-13 07:35:07

Two words... "user error."

    By no name2010-11-10 23:53:54

these were really good pancakes i made them for my whole family and they loved them i did make some changes though i put two teaspoons of sugar instead of one and i grated some chocolate into the batter. But otehr than that i didnt change much i think there pretty good!

    By Justin Bieber2010-11-06 13:16:12

Tastes best w/ sprinkles and bananas, also add extra Vanilla. make sure sprinkles are star shaped, or it won't work.. I mean it... no hearts, circles or dinosaurs, only STARS...

    By Destanie2010-08-21 23:27:45

These were delicious. If you seperate the egg whites and beat them to a foam before mixing the liquids they turn out really fluffy. If you like maple syrup with your pancakes, melt some brown sugar into water over the stove and you get a freshly made maple syrup ready to serve, you don't need to put it on for very long. The syrup is designed to eat at once, you can't store it as the water will seperate from the sugar. 10/10 from me.

    By khlfdsg2010-08-21 22:37:25

its acually petty good although it does bet a bit ruubbery:$:)

    By ..2010-08-20 14:49:31

these were awful, not fluffy at all & really rubbery. the mix was really watery too. :P

    By SarhaCasca2010-08-19 10:01:10

You guys are all downers these are gunna be fine

    By ..... :)2010-08-03 12:19:58


    By your mom2010-08-03 12:19:02

they were alright....

    By 12 pack2010-07-31 11:05:45

omg.....................................................................they are so good they came out great now i dont have to cook the rubbery ones no more thanks for the recipe it works the best

    By ttktk2010-07-24 14:37:52

dont put oil in the pancakes put it on the pan to grease it.

    By ????2010-07-17 09:09:02

how many pancakes does this make????

    By Amber2010-07-17 08:28:53

well on the ingredients list, there is butter and oil mentioned, but what do we use it for?! Really the recipe should be posted online right, i was smart enough to add the oil in the batter and it shouldnt turn out rubbery like some peoples pancakes.

    By zaynah2010-07-09 14:17:38

im scared

    By x90002010-06-19 16:36:01

alright but it neaded something to make it speacial you could taste the vanilla but it was a bit rubbery

    By delicious_012010-06-14 12:58:21

Well I made several improvements to mine.Instead of using regular sugar, I used powdered sugar.I also added more sugar because when I made my first batch, they tasted like fried eggs.Although I made imorovements, I give them a 8.

    By unique_0012010-06-14 12:48:50

The Pancakes Came Out Really Good!They Do Not Taste Rubbery & They Cook Really Well!Despite The Bad Comments I Would Give This A Perfect Score Of 10!

    By Brandy and Lindsay2010-06-13 08:31:07

Ours came out like rubber and purple...?

    By marley2010-06-12 08:09:27

i haven't tried them yet but i cant wait to! i hop they r good

    By cjc&cgk2010-06-08 08:22:36

They were gross - they never cooked and felt like rubber. They didn't have any color to them (or taste) besides tan...I don't think I will ever make these again. I just wasted my whole morning making something that I'm not going to eat.

    By mariah2010-06-07 08:50:59

made these for my lil sis and so far so great

    By Faydra2010-06-01 15:04:41

Made these this morning for myself and the kids. They turned out great! I hand mixed instead of blending.

    By sarah2010-05-17 16:15:49

I think that it actually does taste exactly like the store bought ones and the prople who wrote bad comments cant read directions or the dont know how to read numbers well i dont know but these pancakes tased really good

    By -pretty in pink2010-05-16 11:03:24

i think this recipe isreally gooddespite the other bad comments. it taste like the mix you buy from th store. instead of goig by exactly what the recipe says i went a little lighter on a few things like salt but overall the pancakes were a hit for my brothers basketball team. thanks_=]

    By By Jackie2010-04-17 11:07:31

ewwww it has to much flower in it are you making a biscuit or are you making a pancake they don't cook right nor taste right it is only 1 and a half stars to grows

    By raaar2010-04-11 23:06:44

nasty panckakes. i wasted my time cooking them cause there just gross X(

    By Angel2010-04-11 09:42:43

I mixed everything by hand and all appeared to be fine. The textture is not too fluffy but still not that bad. The only comment I have is that I found the pancake has a salty taste to it. The amount of salt should be reduced to 1/4 teaspoon.

    By Dawn2010-04-10 09:49:53

They really are the worst pancakes i've ever eaten. I wish i wouldv'e read the comments first.

    By The Pancake Master2010-04-08 11:52:13

I think the fault of the rubbery texture may come from leaving it in the blender for three minutes. The longer it stays in the mixer the tougher it will get. It probably stayed in for too long. Mixing by hand would be the better choice even though it takes more effort.

    By just looking2010-04-05 10:12:05

my guess is that the kids didnt think there is much differece between baking powder and baking soda. maybe they will learn one day or they will always buy mixes for everything

    By michaela 2010-04-02 13:26:29

My friend and i just had a sleepover and really wanted pancakes so we came here. They are the worst pancakes in the history of pancakes. I don't think they are suppost to taste like rubber right?

    By eeewwwww2010-04-02 13:22:36

i really dont understand whats wrong with this recipe, these were the absolute worst pancakes i have EVER had!!!

    By Yuck2010-03-28 19:12:35

I don't understand it...We followed the recipe correctly...these were the worst tasting pancakes I've ever had. They were rubbery and disgusting. Please use another recipe!

    By ann2010-03-06 18:01:10

made them today, first time. My parents loved them, my father asked for seconds!

    By Curious Reader2010-03-04 13:03:27

Uh...HOW MANY DOES IT MAKE???????????? cause i want pancakes right MEOW

    By shawna2010-02-24 07:35:58

thx none of my moms cook books had it and i came here and i got it done quick and easy thank you

    By Chantel2010-02-16 09:14:21

How many does it make?

    By kalor2010-02-16 05:08:18

oh yes it's the right day to make pancakes becase it's pancake day!!!!!!!!!!! Tuesday the 16th 2010 I've got a qestion is this recipe just for 1 pancake or more than 1???????????????......... I wonder wold i get a reply

    By Sweet pancakes2010-02-11 16:23:44

I have to make these pancakes one day....! Because I have alwaysed wanted to make them...! Yumm yummm

    By lisa 2010-02-08 12:09:03

them pancakes were good i made them with my sister's house we had sooo much fun making them we put a little bit of sugar on top loool

    By JP2010-01-31 11:02:31

I made these w/out the extra sugar for my kiddo's. They were great. I had no problems with the batter not thickening up and they were actually fluffy (due to the baking powder), creamy, and not rubbery. Carolem, the butter does not go in the batter. It goes in the pan so you can cook (hence 'grease'). I find if you read the recipe first...before you start mixing; the like hood of messing up is minimized. The first line in the directions clearly states what wet ingredients to add together "Blend the eggs, milk and vanilla." There is no mention of adding oil or butter. Just FYI the eggs add the fat to bind. No oil is needed unless you want to add extra fat in to your diet. Best Regards

    By renatta2010-01-22 08:43:47

i love pan cake

    By amazing cook u wish2010-01-17 12:25:48

this was pretty good ok recipe but needs more thought srry

    By Mr. Pancakes2010-01-09 19:59:10

If your pancakes are not getting thick -- that means you are using Baking Soda instead of Baking Powder. They are NOT the same. Best regards, Mr. Pancakes

    By carolem2009-12-30 17:43:05

I also wonder where to put the butter.. honest forgot about it when reading the how to... just added oil after everything was blended but maybe the butter/oil was for frying... They were good but because of the guessing I will keep looking the another recipe to try

    By hey hey 2009-12-27 18:40:43

where does the butter go????

    By quell2009-12-25 14:27:51

the batter didnt thicken up and when i made the pankcakes they were rubbery. they tasted great but the texture of them were so off i cldnt eat them. my little brother and sister ate them tho. weirdos

    By Mandy Connolly2009-12-23 00:01:37

Omg this was the best way to make PANCAKES!!! i eat these every morning!!! its best when you add chocolate chips!!!!!!

    By Russo2009-12-20 08:02:14

Absolutely awful! The two eggs made the pancakes very heavy and rubbery.

    By Katerina2009-12-16 14:34:20

great recipe!! easy and quick...we added chocolate chips. so delicious!

    By mel2009-12-15 17:46:53

thankyou for the recipie. it was the first one i found and really enjoyed making and eating the pancakes.

    By meloineme2009-12-06 19:26:47

I love pancake thank you so much for puting a resipe on the net 4 people to relise pancakes rule

    By Joey2009-11-24 21:04:07

I think the recipe works best if you add in an extra bit of sugar, makes it taste sweeter and less salty. Just a personal sugestion. :)

    By McCartney 2009-11-15 08:56:21

Hope this recipe works, because I woke up really wanting pancakes & had no batter mix, so I looked everywhere for a "from scratch" recipe...Most recipes got comments back saying they were nasty! So hopefully this will work. (:

    By mitchell connolly 2009-11-12 14:21:07

wow man im very very sad from so called recipe horable to salty

    By Kassie2009-10-01 11:27:21

I really wanted pncakes i searched everywhere and then i found your recipe!!!! I was so exited to make them and they turned out really good!!!!!! thank you so much!!!

    By ryley2009-09-20 03:25:04

the pancakes work fine without a food proccessor you can just use a wisk and they turn out fine

    By wheatley2009-09-12 12:42:45

Your recipe was really good. I would definitely make it again. Its the first thing that I've ever made anything from scratch. My husband and I thought it was really delicious. Thank you for your recipe.

    By BY Sum12009-09-04 21:55:22

The pancakes tasted ok, but i think a little bit more flour would've been better Thanx 4 the recipe

    By Justine Kuria2009-08-21 07:38:47

i hope it wprks....i really want pancakes...

    By Hman2009-08-16 10:13:23

The batter was way too thin. I will stick with the mix.

    By mike & emily2009-08-02 00:51:40

dear readers, we had a pancake competition (battle) and were disappointed to find out that, like "rf," we think that these pancakes taste like s***balls, or bricks, depending upon preference. Love, your pancake enthusiasts, Mike & Emily

    By sharlote2009-07-19 13:49:56

im 13 and i made these for my desert they turned out great and tasted great

    By Katherine2009-07-18 21:01:38

I'm 15, I made a large breakfast with this recipe of pancakes(no sugar, a little more milk and using a frying pan), afterward I asked my 3 family members of what they thought of the meal, and the response being "it was absalutely fantastic". I don't know if you guys did the recipe wrong or you can't cook at all, but I would defently pass this recipe on.

    By andy2009-07-16 23:24:44

these are the best comments ever. i am goin to try to make them and i hope the dont taste like s**t balls!!!!

    By some one 2009-07-07 13:19:40

well I really didn't like it it felt like it was missing something but thanks anyway

    By pari2009-07-03 09:43:44

bbbbboooooooooooooooooo they suck who put this online anyway

    By Angela2009-06-25 09:26:56

Hello, This recipe Was delishous, Good job. I have one thing to say to ben: just cook it longer. Ok thanks free Quick Recipes!

    By Ben2009-06-15 17:12:29

THIS WAS THE WORST THING EVER. I made these yesterday morning for me and a friend and it was to salty and it made my friend throw up. they were to runny.

    By MESSY2009-04-12 21:33:27


    By Shirl2009-04-11 13:13:12

This was horrible! My husband, his son and a friend all had this recipe for breakfast today. ALL of them said the pancakes had WAY TOO much salt. I tossed out the remaining cakes and told them I would make more if they would wait. SO...I omitted the baking powder, and used a dash of salt. I added 1/2 tsp of cinnamon and added another 3/4 cup of milk and added another 1/2/ cup of flour. NOW this time, they said what a difference. My husband even came back for more :) I am really surprised no one else commented on the saltiness. I normally taste what I make, but because I generally do not eat wheat, I had not tried it before serving to my family and a guest. Who knew??? Oh well, all has ended well.....God bless your efforts....and mine too :))

    By pro2009-04-10 13:28:13

ur ingredient measures r a lot a bit off.

    By Zach2009-04-08 12:00:16

This reciepe is awesome, we always use it but with a few changes to make it more healthy- instead of 1 1/2 Cup all purpose flour we use 3/4 Cup all purpose and 3/4 Cup whole wheat flour. Also I use only 1 Tablespoon of oil and I add in a Tablespoon of flax seed (or not sometimes). For taste purposes, brown sugar instead of regular sugar. Lastly, I blend a small banana into the liquid mixture, if the banana is small and not too brown the pancakes won't be over powered by banana flavor but it gives them a nice texture (and additional vitamins and fiber).

    By Lilii2009-03-21 16:53:24

Thanks! The recipe is great. I added some strawberries and it was AWESOME! Thanks again...=]

    By serenity and siera 2009-03-08 15:07:08

this is serenity again and i figured out that it makes alot of pancakes so if you dont want that many pancakes only make half a batch

    By serenity2009-03-08 14:26:47

this is a great pancake mix and it is a lot better then that already made pancake crap. this is a really easy home made recipe but make sure that you dont over mix the batter.

    By meme2009-03-04 15:06:45

This is a good recipe You use a medium heat they come out good just don't over beat the batter

    By MM2009-02-15 22:27:02

The Recipe is good, but you need to add the butter (melted) or vegetable oil in with the eggs, milk and vanilla.

    By Kellie2009-02-07 08:56:18

Meriyah taking out the vanilla is probably the reason yours were soooo nasty. You need to substitute someother kind of flavoring to make them taste good. otherwise you're left w/ very bland, non flavorful ingredients. You really must not be a baker/cook, huh?

    By Kellie2009-02-07 08:52:45

This is a great pancake receipe. You can use all natural ingredients and know what's in the food you're feeding your family - Not some boxed or packaged processed goo. I cook our a bit higher than 350, perhaps approx. 375 degrees. We like more of a griddle cake (crispy edges) than a pancake. Thanks for this great receipe.

    By patty2008-10-30 13:18:26

chi pu˛ tradurmi la ricetta grazie

    By christine and angela 2008-10-17 14:02:40

so... we made up our own temp. it is 350 degrees so if any one needs it there u go since the directions do not give it thanks !!!! christine and angela

    By christine and angela 2008-10-17 13:58:58

well we do not no the temp. to put it on it does not say ???? We kinda need it ........... now !!!! PLZ well if any one knows it !!! thanks ~!!!! christine and angela

    By Brooke2008-10-04 09:36:29

Im so happy I found this! I've been trying to make pancakes forever! But they always come out wrong! ha! : ]

    By Amy k2008-08-08 08:10:34

this is a good recipe and anyone with sense can see that it does say what to do with the oil, it says grease lightly, obviously with the oil or butter what else would you use?? my god.

    By Chris2008-05-23 14:16:50

Hold up!...what do I do with the butter or the vegetable oil?....it doesn't say.

    By Amy2007-11-03 13:16:49

I made this when i had no more of those packs when you only need to add water and these turned out so great and soo much better!

    By Cassy2007-10-28 08:12:13

My sister is making them right now hopefully they turn out delicious but u know with my sister who knows?

    By dave2007-10-27 07:25:24

what can i put in to make them without eggs and still be light and fluffy?

    By Sandi2007-10-07 05:20:12

Had everything out and ready to go until I realized that I had run out of eggs! SoOo..I took two of those little apple sauce containers and added that to the mixture instead..along with an extra t of baking powder. Pancakes came out SO delicious! I'm going to do without the eggs from now on!

    By Kate2007-09-01 11:49:30

I am assuming the butter or oil is for greasing the griddle since it doesn't say where to fold it in. I hope they turn out.

    By me2007-08-01 22:17:31

meriyah maybe you did something wrong mine came out great this is an easy and good recipe i'm not even a good cook and i was able to do it!

    By shay2007-07-24 23:40:15

my pancakes turned out great!!!

    By nana2007-07-09 07:50:22

i cooked them and they are so good meriyah maybe u just cant cook

    By Pancake Lover2007-07-08 14:17:51

This recipe looks good. I hope it tastes good too! :)P

    By Purple person2007-07-05 10:01:13

I am attempting this recipe at his moment. it seems to be a good recipe.

    By yuppers2007-06-11 03:37:26

used this recipe before and pancake came out really light and fluffy. Ive also done it sans vanilla and it was perfectly awesome as well.

    By Confused?2007-03-21 07:31:12

Uhhhh... Is there any way to make them without flour?

    By Joe2007-01-15 19:09:54

I always add vanilla to pancakes, but I don't think skipping it would cause this recipe to go from tasty to nasty. I bet that choosing the right oil is vital to making this recipe work.

    By Meriyah2006-12-10 07:29:26

I hated the way that my pancakes tasted. They were very nasty. I can't explain it. I didn't like vanilla so i took it out of the recipe and mine ended up being extremely nasty.

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