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Back to School

Back to School Breakfast
When school's in session, you may believe that making a hearty breakfast for your kids is next to impossible. With a little planning, however, you can create healthy breakfasts for your kids. Read this article for a few tips on how to make good decisions with the most important meal of the day.

Brown Bag Lunch Ideas
Here are three recipes to get your brown bag lunch off to a great start. Just add fresh fruits and veggies, along with a tiny sweet treat for a lunch you'll love.

Frugal School Lunch Ideas
Hot lunch at school can become quite expensive. Figure on average, hot lunch costs $2.10 per day if you include milk with the meal. If you have three children, $6.30 a day, multiplied by five days, that's $31.50 a week… just for lunch! Is it convenient for parents? You betcha. Can it be expensive? You betcha!

Healthy Afternoon Snacks Kids Love
You can make easy afternoon snacks that your kids will love. By the time they get off the bus or walk in the door they're so hungry they could eat dirt. You're probably familiar with the well-known picture of your children standing in front of the refrigerator, door wide open, staring inside for something delightful to jump out. Of course they'd probably love to grab an ice cream sandwich, instead of an apple; a bag of chips over a bag of rice cakes. Give them a snack that's quick, nutritional and something they'll want. Here are a few suggestions:

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for School Days
School takes a lot of energy. Send your kids off to school with a healthy breakfast and they'll perform much better and have a better day.

Lunchtime Vegetable Ideas for Kids
Sometimes getting your kids to eat vegetables can be like pulling teeth from a tiger – and lunchtime is no exception; especially if lunch isn’t at home.

Menu Planning can Get Rid of Evening Chaos
How often does one get to come home from school or work and have a relaxing evening filled with nothing else to do except to chill out? Ha! Almost never, right?

Money Saving Lunch Ideas
Lunch is something many of us must eat away from home. Many adults work, children are in school and it seems to be the perfect time of day to run those errands or go shopping. Unfortunately we spend a lot of our lunch time in a fast food restaurant or in a cafeteria. Not only is this expensive, but in many cases it’s not very healthy.

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