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Meal Planning

Healthy Crock Pot Cooking with Real Ingredients
Just because crock pot meals are convenient doesn't mean you have to use equally convenient ingredients that are less healthy for you. Choosing fresh herbs, spices, meats, and vegetables will make your effortless meals taste like you slaved over a hot stove for hours. Here are some ideas for keeping your crock pot meals as healthy as you can for your family.

5 Tips For Cooking Gourmet On A Budget
Defining gourmet on your own terms is the first step toward formulating a gourmet budget. What it usually means is combining your sense of creativity with some exotic ingredients that create entirely new and exciting dishes for you and your family. Hereís some tips on how to make those gourmet creations fit your personal budget.

5 Tools for Stress Free Cooking
Want to have a stress-free cooking experience? Try using some of the suggested tools in this article to bring you peace of mind and a full stomach. You'll be glad you gave them a try when you consider how they contribute to better meals and more fun in the kitchen.

A Romantic Picnic Can Be Yours to Share
Picnics are special events, but romantic picnics are intimate gatherings between two people who care deeply for each other. Planning and preparing for these occasions isn't difficult, if you know what to bring and where to start. Read on to discover ways to enhance the setting, mood, and flavorful enjoyment of your next romantic picnic with a partner who shares your joy for an intimate evening of good food and special moments.

Be an Italian Gourmet on a Budget
Italian cuisine is a popular favorite, but simple spaghetti and meatballs can leave your dinner guests less than impressed. Fortunately, a few fresh ideas can have you creating Italian gourmet meals that satisfy your cravings while keeping your budget under control.

Beach Celebration
Itís not always easy to plan the right menu to take to the beach. The food has to be easily transported, kept cold in the heat and something easy to prepare when you are there. Here are a few ideas to make your day at the beach go a little smoother.

Breakfast for Lazy Weekenders
Want something different for breakfast, but not interested in all the fuss required in creating an exotic, original recipe? We can help. This article offers suggestions on how to liven up your breakfast menu without spending all morning in the kitchen on your next lazy weekend.

Breakfast for Working Parents
For working parents, breakfast is a time of busy preparation for the day ahead. Getting kids off to school and getting themselves out the door leaves little time for fancy breakfasts that take time to make and clean-up. There are simple solutions to this problem, within the paragraphs of this article that provides some helpful suggestions.

Breakfast This, Not That
Breakfast is a meal that gets no respect, but is certainly one of the most important meals of the day. Instead of eating pastries, fast food, or greasy frozen foods for breakfast, look to some of the better options discussed in this article on healthy breakfast combinations you'll be thankful for later in the day.

Broiling VS Grilling Are They Alike?
Almost everyone loves to use the grill. Sometimes the grill just doesnít fit into the picture. The weather might be bad or you find you have no charcoal or the propane tank is empty. Donít be upset. Broiling is the next best thing to grilling. No broiling isnít exactly the same as grilling but itís just as good. What are the differences? Well letís take a look.

Budget Meals
Trying to spread your money around to include buying your groceries can be difficult. Why not budget your meals by starting with these low cost chicken recipes.

Call On Your Inner Chef to Create a Five Star Picnic
Turning ordinary picnics into five-star events is easier than you might think. Taking tips from restaurants that combine ingredients in unusual ways makes it easy to conjure up some new, exciting flavors that will delight your guests. This article contains simple suggestions for elevating the level and enjoyment of your next five-star picnic, something you'll take pleasure in creating and presenting for a memorable day with fancy foods that doesn't require a tuxedo or a fine gown.

Caribbean Inspired Gourmet On A Budget
How about a getaway vacation to a warm, sunny Carribean isle? Well, we donít have that kind of transformative power, but we can offer the next best thing Ė a delicious Carribean-inspired gourmet meal. You can then supply all the imagination necessary to turn your dining experience into an island oasis youíre sure to remember.

Colorful Foods July Fourth
Make your Fourth of July more festive by adding color to your menu. If you are looking for something to serve other than the regular burgers or chicken, here are some ideas that will kick start your gathering and make for a fun filled day.

Cooking for the Up Coming Week
How many times have you come home from work just too tired to cook a full meal? How many times have you come home from work to find this going on or that going on and before you know it itís late and no one has had anything to eat? More times than youíd probably like to admit, especially if you have a family. How do you handle that? Fast food, take out or delivery. Thatís not unusual either. The problem there is that youíre spending lots of money and not really eating a satisfying and healthy meal. Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, if youíre willing to spend just one day in the kitchen. Saturdays are a great day to spend cooking for the week. If you start early it wonít be an all day affair and who knows you might even convince other members of the family to help. What a way to spend a day together.

Cooking with Less is More
Who are you trying to impress with that fancy meal made with 20 ingredients, the one that caused you a whole lot of stress preparing for and putting together? Relax - there's a better way to satisfy your friends' appetites without stressing out in the process. Check out this article that explains why sometimes cooking with less has more value.

Cooking: From Distress to De-stress
Volunteering to cook for other people sometimes leads to stressful moments in the kitchen. There are a few ways to de-stress your distress over preparing meals for friends and family, as you'll learn in this helpful article on the subject.

Cool Picnic Drinks to Quench Your Summer Thirst
Part of the fun in preparing good food for your summer picnics is thinking of some refreshing, cool picnic drinks to bring along as well. These suggestions will provide the type of inspiration you'll need to give your guests and family something to quench their thirst deliciously when they become parched.

Corporate Breakfast Conundrum
Being a part of the corporate world involves sacrifices, but one of those shouldn't be a healthy breakfast. Break the tradition of vending machines, doughnuts, and quick fixes with healthier options. Learn how to make the most of your situation to create healthy breakfast options for the corporate guy or girl you've become.

Easy Recipe Ingredient Substitutions
For many cooks, there are times when we do not have the right ingredients on hand to prepare our desired food. However, donít despair, you probably have a suitable substitution on hand, saving the cook a drive to the store. Here are some tips.

Eat Your Veggies For Better Eyesight
Our eyes are one of the most important parts of our bodies. Without them we would live in total darkness never knowing what the world at large is like. Taking care of our eyesight can be as easy as eating our vegetables. Yes, eating vegetables. Thatís why our parents always insisted we eat them when we were children. They had the insight to know and as adults we have that same insight, even if we donít use it to our best advantage all the time.

Family Dinnertime is a Time for Tradition
In todayís world with everyone on a busy schedule and no two people going to the same place at the same time itís almost impossible to find the time for a family dinner. Unfortunately there is nothing more important in a household than having time to spend with each other. The best way to do this is at the dinner table.

Festive Fourth of July Tight Budget
These days everyone is on a tight budget. Being on a budget doesnít mean that you still canít be festive. Your Fourth of July can sparkle with some of these inexpensive decorating and food ideas.

Fire Up Fresh Ideas with a Grilled Picnic
It's that time of year, when planned picnics bring people and good food together for a special occasion. This year, why not think beyond the hot dogs, hamburgers, and salads you're used to serving, and try something different? A hot grill is a handy accessory to create new and exciting dishes that will spark life into your annual outdoor ceremony, courtesy of some fresh ideas you'll find in this article.

Food Staples to Save You Money
Wikipedia defines staple food as ďa foodstuff that forms the basic constituent of a diet. It is a standard commodity rather than a specialty item.Ē These are the basics we work with to make the meals that feed our families. These basic staples not only help stretch our foods, but also our money. In todayís world stretching that dollar has become a must.

Fourth at Park
Planning a holiday in the park for the Fourth of July? In almost every small town, the Fourth of July is a big celebration. Most towns celebrate with carnivals in the park, having talent shows and tractor pulls. Having all day celebrations and fireworks at night will make for a full day and evening. Here are a few ideas that may be helpful when packing for your day.

Fourth of July Foods
Ah, itís the Fourth of July and the thought of those great parades, the gigantic fireworks displays and all that great food is in the air. Before you fire up that grill why not take a little time to plan a menu for an Independence Day feast everyone will remember?

Fourth of July Party, Festive Inexpensive
Decorating for the Fourth does not have to break the bank. Finding some of your decorations at this time of year can be inexpensive.

Fourth of July Water
Being on the water at this time of year can be pretty spectacular. All the fireworks that are let off over the water become more intense by the reflection on the water. f you are planning on spending the entire day on the water, it will take some preparation. If you have a boat that does not have a galley then you will have to pack coolers.

Fourth of Julyís Top Ten Finger Foods
When family and friends come together to celebrate, you will want to enjoy the fun also and not have all your time taken up by the preparation. Here are some finger food ideas that will not put a hole in your pocket book and make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Freezer Meals As Convenience Foods
What makes a freezer meal convenient? It's fast, it's flavorful, and it fits in with your daily routine well. These are the qualities of some healthy ideas inside this article that shatters the myth that frozen food isn't up to par with our busy lives.

Grocery Saving Tips
Have you noticed lately the money you have set aside for groceries just isnít buying as much as it did a couple of months ago? Everything is going up. Many food items have tripled in price since the first of the year and things donít seem to be getting any better. Not only has the cost of food risen but everything else we have to spend our money on is sky rocketing. Trying to finds ways to pinch pennies to keep your family afloat is becoming harder and harder by the day.

Healthy Benefits for Eating at Home
If you're looking for an easier way to achieve a healthy lifestyle for you and your loved ones, one of the most effective ways is to eat at home. Here are some helpful tips.

Healthy Convenience Foods for an Improved Diet
If you're on the go, you can still prepare and eat healthy convenience foods that improve your energy and dietary habits. This post talks about several food choices that are quick to make, and yet still deliciously different for keeping people more fit and more content throughout the day.

Healthy Convenience Foods For Your Fitness Program
For those of us who like to stay fit, we are always looking for ways to improve our health with better nutritional choices. However, time is precious, and convenience foods are sometimes more important than how good something is for us. Here are some fabulous ideas for staying fit and healthy with quick, easy to prepare convenience meals.

Healthy Snacks Too Carry Fourth of July
If your day is planned like most Americans, you may take in a parade, head for the water and then spend the evening watching fireworks. No matter if you are taking your small children, teens or grandchildren, you will want to pack a few snacks to stave off the hunger between meals.

Help in the Kitchen for the Busy Mom
Being a Mom is a job all on itís own. Adding the cleaning, cooking, outside job and well, just about anything else your family might need, can take every minute of every day. Finding ways to help you at home is important for many reasons. It relieves some stress, can give you an extra 15 minutes to yourself and can keep you healthy and happy.

How to Freeze Meats
Freezing meats properly keeps them fresh and reduces the strain on your freezer. This article explains the details on how to store meat in the freezer, and how to ensure that what you freeze is as fresh as it can be by the time it makes it to your table.

How to Keep More Money in Your Wallet When you Leave the Grocery Store
Are you looking for a great way to save money on your groceries? A Menu Planning Service can help. These innovative services help you plan, save on grocery costs and manage your dinner meals simply and easily.

How to Maximize Your Freezer Space
If you haven't looked in your freezer lately, you may be in for a surprise. You might have old food items or foods with freezer burn on hand that need to be thrown out. You may have a mess on your hands, and the freezer may actually be working harder than it has to. Check out these quick tips to getting the most from your freezer space.

Living with a Vegetarian Child
Whether for ideological or health-related reasons, more and more children today are becoming vegetarian. This can pose a difficult challenge if the rest of the people in the home eat meats. On one hand, you do not want to make the vegetarian child feel left out or ignored; but on the other, everyone in the household should be able to eat the foods that he or she enjoys.

Making One Pot Wonder Meals
Think about how easy it could be to cook dinner in one pot. Less to clean up, less preparation time, less stress. That's a winning combination, to be sure. After reading this article, you'll be convinced that making one pot meals is the answer to busy lives and tight schedules.

Meal Planning Ė A Great Way to Save Time and Money
You may have heard of family meal planning or perhaps have been wondering what the fuss is all about. Well, to put it simply family meal planning means planning your familyís meal to help you save time and money. But beyond saving time and money there are some other great reasons for family meal planning. By planning your meals and doing your shopping ahead of time, itís easier to make sure your family eats healthy and balanced meals. Itís too easy to reach for the phone and order a pizza when everyoneís just gotten home from soccer practice and your fridge is empty.

Menu Planning can Get Rid of Evening Chaos
How often does one get to come home from school or work and have a relaxing evening filled with nothing else to do except to chill out? Ha! Almost never, right?

Monthly Meal Planning
It can be frustrating to find yourself out of energy at the end of the day, with nothing left to prepare a hearty, home-cooked meal for you and your family. You can, however, utilize meal planning to enjoy great meals every night. Read on to discover how a whole day's worth of cooking can set you up for the weeks ahead.

Moonlight Picnics: Enjoying Good Food under the Stars
Not all picnics have to take place during the day. There's a number of advantages to a moonlight picnic, if you're willing to plan ahead and make the night enjoyable for you and your guests. This article includes some great ideas for helping create a relaxing atmosphere under a night sky. Explore the possibilities of an evening of food, fun, and good times after the sun goes down at your next moonlight picnic.

Mother's Day Gift Idea
If you are searching for a unique Motherís Day gift this year, give the gift of convenience. For many mothers thinking of nutritious, great tasting and easy to make meals can be extremely labor intensive. Many moms can exhaust hours each week just deciding on what to make and putting together dinner for their family. If you want a gift that will not only save her some time, but also make the entire family happy and satisfied with a delicious meal, consider a menu planning service.

Once-A-Month Cooking
Most people are all about spending less time in the kitchen. One way to accomplish this task is to use freezer cooking recipes, better known as once a month cooking. What is Once a Month Cooking and how can it help your family?

Pairing Wine with Chicken
Choosing the right wine can enhance the flavor of your meal, rounding out any bitter or sour overtones and enhancing the positive qualities of the meat. But how can you tell which wines will go well with your chicken dish?

Plan a Chuck Wagon Style Cowboy Theme Picnic
On the prairie, cowboys of the Old West used to gather around a campfire for some good food, song, and company after a hard day's work on the range. You can re-create that authentic "chuck wagon" atmosphere with a cowboy theme picnic that will have you relaxing under the stars with rustlers, cowpokes, or just a few close friends camped out in a special place for the occasion. Read on to discover the secrets of the authentic chuck wagon cowboy theme, and enjoy the good times and great food you can rustle up for the occasion.

Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas
Breakfast is an important meal, but during the week most people are pressed for time. What to do? Read this article to see how you can still prepare a hearty breakfast quickly to start the day off right.

Quick Ways to Save on Groceries
There are two ways to save money on your groceries, buy less or pay less. But it doesnít end there because there are lots of different ways to do these two things.

Reconstructing Summer Side Dishes
Planning a picnic includes providing lots of food for hungry guests enjoying the summer days and fun times together. Your summer side dishes may need something special to create new interest on these special occasions. So, consider some different combinations and reconstruct those summer sides for a whole new flavorful adventure.

Refreshing Salads Fourth
All salads are not created equal. Many salads are made from a variety of vegetables, fruits and pastas. Spicing up some of your favorite salads can be very simple by adding a different seasoning. Here are a few recipes to spice up your Fourth of July.

Romance Him With Unresistable Meals
What better way to a man's heart than through his stomach. Try these great recipes and you'll having him eating out of your hand in no time.

Seek Salmon for a Super Food Solution with All the Right Stuff
Salmon is a popular fish variety that receives lots of attention for how they are raised, but many people don't know how much it offers in terms of healthy benefits. This is a versatile aquatic gem that has gained super food status for all its contributions to better health. Learn the tasty details about why salmon is considered one of best seafood sources in the world.

Simple Meal Planning
What's one of the most important things a mother or wife needs to do everyday? Fix meals. They need to be nutritious but also appealing to the taste buds. This can be overwhelming at times especially if you are a working woman. All that stress can be left in the dumpster with the trash if you plan those meals ahead of time.

Southwest Inspired Gourmet On A Budget
Searching for a Southwest inspired gourmet meal to spice up your cooking at home? This area of the country has a rich history that has contributed to some delicious meals, and weíve identified some primary ingredients that offer delicious possibilities for your next dinner party or special occasion.

Stress Free Cooking with Kids
Families with children have an extra responsibility, preparing meals more often for more people. You don't have to "go it alone," though. Kids can help in the kitchen more than you think, and they can benefit from the experience. Check out these tips for making your mealtime more productive and enjoyable for everyone, by welcoming the help of your children in making quality meals for the whole family.

Stress Free Holiday Cooking
Cooking for lots of people on the holidays can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be a stressful event that drains your energy and peace of mind. Following some simple guidelines creates more opportunity for an enjoyable time with family and friends during the holidays. Take these tips to heart for a better experience.

The Right Wine Can Make the Meal
Choosing the right wine to go with your meal doesnít have to be a stressful endeavor. Many of us drink wine with our meals to help enhance the taste of the food. Others use it as a romantic tool and yet others just want a little wine to help them unwind from a long hard day. Matching wine with food can be very simple if you are armed with a few tips.

Timing is Everything
Yes, timing and careful planning is everything, as you'll see in this article that offers some great suggestions on how to keep your head above water in the kitchen, so to speak. A few simple tips go a long way to creating hot, delicious meals you'll family will love, and you'll be ready to sit down with them when it's done.

Use Those Dinner Leftovers Later
You worked really hard to place a good healthy meal on the table. Now the feasting is over and you have to clean up. You do the dishes and place those leftovers in containers in the refrigerator. You donít want to think about what to fix tomorrow night; itís too soon for that. Why not think about tomorrow night or even the night after that now and make the next few dinners a cinch?

Uses for Chicken
Chicken is one of our favorite meats. It can be cheaper than other meats and goes with just about any side dish you can think of. Roasting a whole chicken can sometimes be more than your family can eat in one sitting. What do you do with the leftovers? Thatís easy; stretch it out into other meals that your family will enjoy.

Why Crock Pots Are a Great Quick Meal Solution
Although they haven't been talked much about lately, crock pots still provide a quick and convenient solution for some fabulous meals. This article touches on some of the finer points that explain why crock pots are a worthy addition to your collection of kitchen appliances.

Your Gluten Free Budget Gourmet Shopping List
Gluten is a protein found in many common grains we eat, including wheat, barley, and rye, and, for those with gluten allergies, presents one of the more difficult diets to shop and cook for. There are alternatives, however, and creating a gluten free shopping list is possible using these guidelines.

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