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Meals in Minutes

5 Minute Dinners
With family sit down together dinners slowly becoming a thing of the past due to busy lifestyles and more, here are some great tips for making quick and easy meals that leave you more time to enjoy them together. Each of the meal ideas you'll find here take 5 minutes or less to prepare.

Affordable and Healthy Microwave Cooking
The microwave has become a household must have for most of us. Whether itís used for reheating, defrosting or fast dinner cooking itís an invention that has made most kitchenís a less stressful place. Dinner doesnít seem like such a task anymore. Foods are just popped in and snatched out in a matter of no time. Yet the questions still remain is it an affordable way to cook and is it healthy?

Approach Healthy Fast Food With Caution
While fast food restaurants advertise they're now serving healthier food, educated people realize there's a limit to what they can provide. Making sensible choices when turning to fast food is important to stay healthy and avoid the damaging effects some of these choices can cause.

Black Beans are Healthy and Delicious
When your family budget is stretched just about as far as it will go, you need some real tools to stretch it even further. One of the means we can use to squeeze a few more pennies out of your paycheck is to cut back at the grocery store. This is where our friend the black bean comes in.

BLT Ideas
Who doesn't love a BLT? But, have you considered adding to the traditional BLT to make a new favorite?

Breakfast 101: Creative Meals for College Students
For the average college kid, breakfast and other meals are a spur-of-the-moment thing, something that requires lots of improvising and creativity in dorm rooms with little kitchen utensils or appliances. There is hope, however, for fresh-cooked meals if you follow some of these suggestions for quick and simple creations for hearty college appetites.

Breakfast This, Not That
Breakfast is a meal that gets no respect, but is certainly one of the most important meals of the day. Instead of eating pastries, fast food, or greasy frozen foods for breakfast, look to some of the better options discussed in this article on healthy breakfast combinations you'll be thankful for later in the day.

Breakfasts Fit for Fitness
If you're watching your weight or active in staying fit, you'll want to read this article to discover some healthy alternatives to the standard breakfast fare. Three simple ideas can make the difference in how you feel during and after your next breakfast meal.

Bring the Taste of the City to a Street Vendor Picnic
In major cities, street vendors often provide meals for busy people on the run, or those who just enjoy the foods they serve. There is a diverse selection of ethnic and traditional favorites here, and a city picnic is one way to enjoy the flavor and variety of these selections. In this article, you'll find some suggestions on how to approach making a picnic in an urban setting using food from your local street vendor.

Cast Iron Skillet
These cast iron skillet recipes make my mouth water.

Chicken & Mushroom Dinner Idea
Eating well doesn't require a lot of money or gobs of time. A cheap meal idea only means, we shopped smart. Here's a filling chicken and mushroom pasta recipe that's sure to please not only your whole family, but your purse strings too!

Cold Pasta Salad - Cheap & Easy Meal in Minutes
Pasta salad has to be one of the easiest and cheapest recipes to make. Seriously, all you need are noodles, some dressing and veggies and you're set.

Create New Picnic Main Dishes With Meats and Seafood
Picnic time isn't always the time to rely on old favorites to carry the day's meals. Fried chicken, sandwiches, and predictable side dishes might not draw the kind of excitement you're looking for from your picnic crowd. Try some of these fresh ideas for making the most of meats and seafood at your next picnic.

Crock Pot Creations for Breakfast and Brunch
Crock pots aren't just for dinner - they can also make some fabulous breakfast and brunch meals that'll get you going in the right direction each morning. Check out some of these ideas for great morning meals you'll enjoy with as little effort as possible, using your handy crock pot.

Crock Pot is a Work at Home Mom's Best Friend
If you're a work at home mom or WAHM, you'll know how hard it is to do it all. (If you're new to the term, check out www.ShowMomtheMoney.com) So, how can a crock pot make a work at home mom's day smoother? Keep reading...

Desserts Parties for Entertainment
When entertaining, you can serve a full meal, or make a party special by serving desserts.

Dinner Suggestions
Have you ever heard "Mom, what's for dinner?" This statement is probably heard in millions of homes across the country everyday. If you're a working parent quick and easy dinner ideas can be found in many places. Just a few of the places to look are cookbooks, television programs and even the Internet.

Eclectic Gourmet on 10 Dollars a Day
An eclectic gourmet is one who isnít afraid to try new things, opening their minds and taste buds to the possibilities of foods from different cultures. In the process, these adventurous cooks often discover new cooking methods and ingredients that create exciting new dishes for their families and friends.

Fast Meal Ideas For Busy Moms
Who's busier than moms? We know you need fast meal ideas. Here are some to get you started.

Hamburger and Green Bean Casserole
This frugal and quick recipe is perfect for when the food budget is slim and you need some good comfort food.

Healthy Convenience Foods for Special Diets
Certain people require special diets due to medical conditions like diabetes, obesity, allergies, and other ailments that affect what they eat. Even so, healthy convenience foods are still available for these groups, allowing them to enjoy good-tasting meals that are easy to make and good for them.

Healthy Convenience Foods For Your Fitness Program
For those of us who like to stay fit, we are always looking for ways to improve our health with better nutritional choices. However, time is precious, and convenience foods are sometimes more important than how good something is for us. Here are some fabulous ideas for staying fit and healthy with quick, easy to prepare convenience meals.

Herb Butters
Turn your average stick of butter into a gourmet treat simply by adding herbs.

Jazz Up Simple Dishes Affordably With One Ingredient
Variety, as they say, is the spice of life, and this article explains how easy it is to create tasty new meals by choosing a few versatile ingredients. Jazz up these simple dishes by thinking outside the box with fresh food ideas you might not have thought about before.

Making One Pot Wonder Meals
Think about how easy it could be to cook dinner in one pot. Less to clean up, less preparation time, less stress. That's a winning combination, to be sure. After reading this article, you'll be convinced that making one pot meals is the answer to busy lives and tight schedules.

Meals in Minutes
Those meals out sure add up. A little work, planning lunches can add up to BIG savings...

Proven Cancer Fighting Convenience Foods
There are certain convenience foods that are natural, healthy solutions for quick meals, but some have an added bonus. This article highlights several cancer-fighting foods that can be added to your daily diet for extra protection against the most harmful disease we face as human beings.

Quick and Easy Dinner Meal Ideas
Itís 6:00 p.m. the kids are hungry, homework needs to be done, youíre stressed and then they askÖ ďMom, whatís for dinner?Ē Itís not easy juggling our busy lives while trying to feed our families a hot nutritious dinner everyday. These 7 quick and easy dinner ideas will help take the stress out of family meal times.

Quick George Foreman Grill Recipes
The George Foreman Grilling Machine is a quick and easy way to satisfy your grilling urges even on rainy days. Here are some quick George Foreman recipe ideas to get you started.

Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas
Today's world is more so ran in the fast lane. At times we get caught up eating fast food for several breakfast's a week. Take time out in the next few mornings to try these quick and easy healthy breakfast ideas.

Quick Meal Deal (with recipes)
Create this quick meal using angel hair pasta, shrimp and peppers. Top it off with a fruit crisp for dessert!

Quick Meals for Kids
Here are some quick meals for your kids that you can whip up in minutes with ingredients that you have around your home.

Reinventing Sandwiches, From the Inside
Sandwiches have two main components - what's outside and what's inside. In this article, you'll learn that there's much more creativity for the taking when lunchtime rolls around. Find new ingredients to build original creations that will taste as good as they look, and let's pay attention, for the moment, on what could be inside your next favorite sandwiches.

Smoothies Ė A Quick Snack
We all know the importance of eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, with our busy lifestyles it's not always so easy. That's where smoothies come in. Delicious and nutritious smoothies can be a mom's secret weapon to ensuring your kids get enough fruit in their diets.

Time and Money Saving Breakfast Ideas
Remember when you were small your Mother saying ďEat your breakfast itís the most important meal of the day.Ē That statement has been proven to be very true. Unfortunately in our fast paced world there is a tendency to neglect that important meal. With the rise of cost for many types of breakfast foods we also find ourselves sliding past the breakfast items at the grocery store. This doesnít have to be a way of life for your family.

Turn Everyday Quick Meals Into Healthy Meals
Convenience foods are still an area where most people make bad choices. Skipping breakfast, eating processed foods or vending machine substitutes are not necessary to stay on schedule. These are some healthy choices to prepare and take along with you as you make it through busy days.

Use Those Dinner Leftovers Later
You worked really hard to place a good healthy meal on the table. Now the feasting is over and you have to clean up. You do the dishes and place those leftovers in containers in the refrigerator. You donít want to think about what to fix tomorrow night; itís too soon for that. Why not think about tomorrow night or even the night after that now and make the next few dinners a cinch?

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