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Picnic Ideas

A Romantic Picnic Can Be Yours to Share
Picnics are special events, but romantic picnics are intimate gatherings between two people who care deeply for each other. Planning and preparing for these occasions isn't difficult, if you know what to bring and where to start. Read on to discover ways to enhance the setting, mood, and flavorful enjoyment of your next romantic picnic with a partner who shares your joy for an intimate evening of good food and special moments.

Beach Celebration
Itís not always easy to plan the right menu to take to the beach. The food has to be easily transported, kept cold in the heat and something easy to prepare when you are there. Here are a few ideas to make your day at the beach go a little smoother.

Bring the Taste of the City to a Street Vendor Picnic
In major cities, street vendors often provide meals for busy people on the run, or those who just enjoy the foods they serve. There is a diverse selection of ethnic and traditional favorites here, and a city picnic is one way to enjoy the flavor and variety of these selections. In this article, you'll find some suggestions on how to approach making a picnic in an urban setting using food from your local street vendor.

Call On Your Inner Chef to Create a Five Star Picnic
Turning ordinary picnics into five-star events is easier than you might think. Taking tips from restaurants that combine ingredients in unusual ways makes it easy to conjure up some new, exciting flavors that will delight your guests. This article contains simple suggestions for elevating the level and enjoyment of your next five-star picnic, something you'll take pleasure in creating and presenting for a memorable day with fancy foods that doesn't require a tuxedo or a fine gown.

Celebrate Independence Day with Great Food
Ah, itís the Fourth of July and the thought of those great parades, the gigantic fireworks displays and all that great food is in the air. Before you fire up that grill why not take a little time to plan a menu for an Independence Day feast everyone will remember?

Colorful Foods July Fourth
Make your Fourth of July more festive by adding color to your menu. If you are looking for something to serve other than the regular burgers or chicken, here are some ideas that will kick start your gathering and make for a fun filled day.

Cool Picnic Drinks to Quench Your Summer Thirst
Part of the fun in preparing good food for your summer picnics is thinking of some refreshing, cool picnic drinks to bring along as well. These suggestions will provide the type of inspiration you'll need to give your guests and family something to quench their thirst deliciously when they become parched.

Create New Picnic Main Dishes With Meats and Seafood
Picnic time isn't always the time to rely on old favorites to carry the day's meals. Fried chicken, sandwiches, and predictable side dishes might not draw the kind of excitement you're looking for from your picnic crowd. Try some of these fresh ideas for making the most of meats and seafood at your next picnic.

Enjoy a Beach-Style Picnic Wherever You Want
If you aren't lucky enough to live close to a beach, you can still enjoy a beach-style picnic wherever you go. With the right clothes, tools, food, music, and accessories, you can bring the beach to your favorite location. This article gives you lots of ideas on how to enjoy the beach atmosphere with friends and family who are in the mood for a little surf, sand, and summer fun.

Fanciful Salads Everyone Will Enjoy
This article discusses some interesting ideas to create new salads for your dinner guests, or to just enjoy during your next picnic on a lazy summer day.

Favorite Picnic Dishes from Days Gone By
Remember the fabulous foods your parents and grandparents made for picnics you attended as a child? You can recreate those memories and the recipes themselves by introducing your own style and flavors to classic fare from the 1940's, '50s, and '60s. Today's healthier ingredients will modernize the value of the foods you eat, while keeping the flavors as enjoyable as they were years ago.

Festive Fourth of July Tight Budget
These days everyone is on a tight budget. Being on a budget doesnít mean that you still canít be festive. Your Fourth of July can sparkle with some of these inexpensive decorating and food ideas.

Fire Up Fresh Ideas with a Grilled Picnic
It's that time of year, when planned picnics bring people and good food together for a special occasion. This year, why not think beyond the hot dogs, hamburgers, and salads you're used to serving, and try something different? A hot grill is a handy accessory to create new and exciting dishes that will spark life into your annual outdoor ceremony, courtesy of some fresh ideas you'll find in this article.

Food Safety Tips for Serving Salads at Picnics
Have some delicious homemade classic salads in mind for your next picnic gathering? Make sure the foods you serve are safe to eat by following these guidelines for storing and preparing popular salads, and getting them to your destination safely, with delicious results.

Fourth at Park
Planning a holiday in the park for the Fourth of July? In almost every small town, the Fourth of July is a big celebration. Most towns celebrate with carnivals in the park, having talent shows and tractor pulls. Having all day celebrations and fireworks at night will make for a full day and evening. Here are a few ideas that may be helpful when packing for your day.

Fourth of July Party, Festive Inexpensive
Decorating for the Fourth does not have to break the bank. Finding some of your decorations at this time of year can be inexpensive.

Fourth of July Water
Being on the water at this time of year can be pretty spectacular. All the fireworks that are let off over the water become more intense by the reflection on the water. f you are planning on spending the entire day on the water, it will take some preparation. If you have a boat that does not have a galley then you will have to pack coolers.

Fourth of Julyís Top Ten Finger Foods
When family and friends come together to celebrate, you will want to enjoy the fun also and not have all your time taken up by the preparation. Here are some finger food ideas that will not put a hole in your pocket book and make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Healthy Snacks Too Carry Fourth of July
If your day is planned like most Americans, you may take in a parade, head for the water and then spend the evening watching fireworks. No matter if you are taking your small children, teens or grandchildren, you will want to pack a few snacks to stave off the hunger between meals.

Hit a Home Run With a Baseball Family Picnic
Theme picnics are great ways to add variety, fun, and excitement to your outdoor activities. One popular theme is a baseball or ballpark type picnic. This article includes suggestions for all the trimmings, foods, and accessories you'll need to have a great day in the great outdoors.

Ideas for a Romantic Picnic
If you're looking for cheap ways to make your dinner with your hubby romantic, there's nothing sweeter than a picnic together -- and you don't even have to deal with ants in order to do it!

Memorable Desserts for Your Next Summer Picnic
Your summer picnic guests have put faith in you, by asking that you come up with another fabulous dessert for the occasion. Fortunately, you know how to keep things simple with a slew of recipes that can bring people to the table with excitement. These ideas are simple to make, yet provide an extra special touch to your outdoor fun time.

Moonlight Picnics: Enjoying Good Food under the Stars
Not all picnics have to take place during the day. There's a number of advantages to a moonlight picnic, if you're willing to plan ahead and make the night enjoyable for you and your guests. This article includes some great ideas for helping create a relaxing atmosphere under a night sky. Explore the possibilities of an evening of food, fun, and good times after the sun goes down at your next moonlight picnic.

Picnic Backpacks
The next time you want to enjoy natural surroundings with your friend, significant other or loved ones, one of the things you should take with is a picnic backpack. While everyone is familiar with a picnic basket, picnic backpacks are the latest and greatest in a line of items to help you enjoy quality time together. If you are looking to enjoy nature and be together with friends and family, a picnic backpack is the perfect accessory.

Picnic Tips with Baby and Toddlers
Picnics are a special time for parents and kids. If you have a new baby or small toddlers, thereís no need to back out of the family picnic. Packing a few extras will keep parent and baby happy.

Plan a Chuck Wagon Style Cowboy Theme Picnic
On the prairie, cowboys of the Old West used to gather around a campfire for some good food, song, and company after a hard day's work on the range. You can re-create that authentic "chuck wagon" atmosphere with a cowboy theme picnic that will have you relaxing under the stars with rustlers, cowpokes, or just a few close friends camped out in a special place for the occasion. Read on to discover the secrets of the authentic chuck wagon cowboy theme, and enjoy the good times and great food you can rustle up for the occasion.

Reconstructing Summer Side Dishes
Planning a picnic includes providing lots of food for hungry guests enjoying the summer days and fun times together. Your summer side dishes may need something special to create new interest on these special occasions. So, consider some different combinations and reconstruct those summer sides for a whole new flavorful adventure.

Refreshing Salads Fourth
All salads are not created equal. Many salads are made from a variety of vegetables, fruits and pastas. Spicing up some of your favorite salads can be very simple by adding a different seasoning. Here are a few recipes to spice up your Fourth of July.

Reinventing Sandwiches, From the Inside
Sandwiches have two main components - what's outside and what's inside. In this article, you'll learn that there's much more creativity for the taking when lunchtime rolls around. Find new ingredients to build original creations that will taste as good as they look, and let's pay attention, for the moment, on what could be inside your next favorite sandwiches.

Summon the Troops for a Boot Camp Picnic
Warm weather picnics can be relaxing, but they can also be a time for getting up and moving around with the people you're spending time with. Inspire the people you love to take part in a number of games and playtime activities, by planning a boot camp picnic that makes the day that much more special.

Take Your Special Someone On A Picnic
With summer fast approaching one of the things that many couples and families look forward to doing is going on a picnic. When outdoors you can stop pretty much anywhere and have a picnic. For many creating a comfortable and natural ambiance around their picnic is extremely crucial and usually includes a fun picnic basket. If you are looking to picnic this year, here are some ideas on choosing the right picnic basket.

Throw a Lunch Party
Dinner parties are a great time for friends and family to get together, but give a lunch party a try for a welcome change.

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