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Back to School Breakfast

When school's in session, you may believe that making a hearty breakfast for your kids is next to impossible. With a little planning, however, you can create healthy breakfasts for your kids. Read this article for a few tips on how to make good decisions with the most important meal of the day.

Make the Right Choice with Back to School Breakfasts

Once school is back in session, youíll find the mornings can go pretty fast. Itís still important, though, to get you and your kids off to a good start before the morning rush begins. Although you may feel like youíll never have the time, you can find healthy ways to start your back-to-school routine with the most important meal of the day.

Choose Your Breakfast

Yes, choose your breakfast, donít let it choose you. Even if youíre in a rush, you still have the time to decide on a healthy meal to begin the day strong. Remember, kids donít always consider the consequences of what theyíre eating. Vending machines and doughnut shops arenít the best sources for nutritious meals that satisfy your childís health requirements.

One quick solution is pancakes. Of course, these take time to prepare, and often leave a sticky mess to clean up afterwards. It doesnít have to be this way, though. Take a few minutes to plan ahead when you have more time, and have some pancakes ready to go when you need them.


Planning ahead makes all the difference in the world when thereís no time to spare. Letís take the pancake example above. The next time you fire up the griddle to make them, mix twice the batter, make twice as many, and freeze half for later in the week. They store easily in the freezer and can be warmed up in a toaster or microwave for a quick meal on the run. Hereís how.

After the pancakes have cooled, layer them on a cookie sheet and put them in your freezer to get an initial chill. After two hours, they should be semi-firm. Then, put them together in a single container for the next busy morning. This process helps keep pancakes from sticking together once theyíre frozen solid.


The school day approaches, and youíve got a yen for for pancakes, yes? No sweat. Pull your frozen pancakes from the freezer and pop a couple in the microwave or toaster for a few seconds. Now, mix a little peanut butter and some syrup together.

What youíve got is a great protein source from peanut butter, which also keeps the syrup from running down your arm when you dig in. Itís the perfect breakfast combination for a busy morning rush.

When youíre pressed for time, you can still have what you want for breakfast. Itís a choice you can make, with a little bit of planning and execution. Make it a point to get a good breakfast in for your kids before getting them in the car for school.

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