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Breakfast 101: Creative Meals for College Students

For the average college kid, breakfast and other meals are a spur-of-the-moment thing, something that requires lots of improvising and creativity in dorm rooms with little kitchen utensils or appliances. There is hope, however, for fresh-cooked meals if you follow some of these suggestions for quick and simple creations for hearty college appetites.

Breakfast in College: Using Creativity to Make Your Own Meals

College life is an exciting time for young adults, with so much to see and do, and usually not a lot to eat in the dorm. For them, breakfast shouldn’t consist of old packages of ramen noodles or three-day-old pizza. College kids are entitled to a great breakfast just like anyone else, even if it’s in a cramped dorm room on a cold, rainy day, Look to these ideas to inspire good breakfast options for college students, even those with little to prepare them with.

No Fridge, No Stove, No Problem

Most dorms have a refrigerator, at the very least, but many don’t have stoves. Without a proper heating device like an oven, you may think yourself sunk for a hot breakfast that satisfies and fortifies your growing brain. Not to worry, though; there are options.

There may be some surprising things in a dorm room that can pass as a substitute for a proper stove. Also, there are probably makeshift kitchen utensils you can employ from things you already have. Using irons or desk lamps as heating elements is not unheard of, and a ruler can serve as something to stir that pitcher of tea or Kool-Aid you have in mind.

Dorm Room Cooking

Cooking in your dorm room is easy, keeping a basic idea of how to heat the food you’d like to eat in mind. You wouldn’t be the first person, for example, to use an iron to heat a grilled cheese sandwich. Sure, you’ll want to change or wash the ironing board cover when you’re done, since you don’t need cheese stains on your favorite shirt or starch on your grilled cheese sandwich.

How about a bowl of tomato soup with that sandwich? Turn your desk light upside down, and then gently place a bowl into the cone of the lamp. Fill the bowl with soup and let it sit while you’re preparing your sandwich. The soup will be warmed up by the time you’re finished.

You can even run a pot of plain water through your coffee pot for some instant hot water, which makes a package of Ramen noodles totally possible for a quick meal. This doesn’t even require a microwave. Once the noodles set for 5-7 minutes, you’re ready to eat.

Creative College Cooking

Actually, there are more than a few meals you can make from the comfort of your college dorm room to save money. Breakfast at college may not be exotic or conventional, but even something like stir-fry is an inexpensive possibility, something that adds variety and nutrition your body needs to keep your mind sharp.

If you look around, we’re sure you’ll find a number of tools and utensils you can use, and investing in a few simple items like a mug warmer, a coffee pot, or a heating element could be beneficial in creating meals of your own to satisfy your appetite. As always, be creative and use your imagination to create meals that enhance your college experience.

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