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Breakfast for Lazy Weekenders

Want something different for breakfast, but not interested in all the fuss required in creating an exotic, original recipe? We can help. This article offers suggestions on how to liven up your breakfast menu without spending all morning in the kitchen on your next lazy weekend.

Creative Breakfasts for Your Next Lazy Weekend

Youíve probably had a weekend like this before. You want to cook something good for breakfast, but donít feel like dirtying a bunch of dishes or taking a lot of time to fix something worthwhile. Letís look at some great breakfast ideas for those of you who want to enjoy your weekend doing something other than slaving over a hot stove.


Those who have traveled overseas will understand the concept of ďun-cooking.Ē Breakfast in Europe is more than a meal; itís an event. Their breakfast spreads are pretty impressive, but they donít take spend all day preparing them, either. In Germany, the main goal of the breakfast hour is to get you through to lunch. Theyíre much more interested in spending time with their families and friends, rather stuffing their faces on their way out the door. For them, itís the perfect lazy morning start.

Next time youíre at the supermarket, pick up a few croissants, a little honey, maybe some sliced meat, and a little bit of cheese. Top it off with some grapes and a pint of yogurt. Youíve just created a breakfast that has all the substance youíll need to get you going, and itís the perfect finger food to sit and chat while youíre eating.


A simple, uncooked spread will be enough for some, but others are always looking for new things to try in the kitchen, no matter what the time of day. If youíre feeling particularly adventurous and are willing to get out of the house for breakfast, you could check your local area for restaurants that specialize in foreign cuisine. See if they include breakfast in their daily offerings. Check out a local Greek deli and grab some of their pastries and some hummus. Stop by a French bakery and see what new creations theyíre featuring this week.

If youíd rather have your breakfast in your pajamas, you can still add a little spice to your breakfast plans. Pick up some caviar or p‚tť at the store and serve it with crackers and tea. Itís simple, and itís probably something you donít have very often. Add a little melon and some kefir to the mix and you got yourself an exciting lazy breakfast thatís deliciously different.


Sometimes, the best creations come from using what you already have on hand. College students have a long-standing favorite in cold pizza for breakfast, but you donít have to follow suit. Perhaps you have some rice and corn left over from last nightís dinner. You could mix those ingredients with a couple eggs and fry them up in a skillet like pancakes for an amazing fritter.

The same thing goes for mashed potatoes, stuffing and ham, which you can turn into a nest for an egg in the middle. Once you cook it on the stove for a bit, pop it in the oven for 10 minutes for a lazy weekend breakfast youíll be proud of. Go ahead Ė raid the refrigerator to see what you have on hand and experiment with a few combinations. It could be just the thing to create a new recipe that livens up your next lazy weekend.

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