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Breakfast Ideas for Busy Moms

A busy mom needs a good breakfast just as much as you do. Here's some advice on how to get them going in the right direction with a quick, healthy breakfast they'll be glad to slow down for.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy Moms Like You

You might have a busy mom in the house, or you might be one yourself. In short, they’re amazing creatures – nothing seems to slow them down. All that energy requires a nourishing meal at breakfast to help you get started. It’s a meal that should provide energy, but shouldn’t slow you down. Here’s a few thoughts on some simple breakfast ideas that will keep a mother going all day long.


Smoothies are a simple, nutritious way to start any day. Take some quality fresh fruit, a little yogurt or milk, and whatever healthy ingredients strike your fancy, and you’ve got it made. Some people blend in protein powder, vitamins, and phytonutrients to add some punch to a healthy fruit drink that provides the right kind of energy a busy mom needs.

Yes, smoothies are a tasty blend of ingredients that can be a meal in itself. They’re versatile enough to pour in a mug or take with you wherever you’re going. You’ll even be less likely to spill some on your shirt, which can happen much more often with things like coffee.

Frozen Ideas

As always, it helps to plan ahead as well. It doesn’t take long to make a little extra food in advance, then freeze it for the right time. Homemade waffles and pancakes are two great examples. The next time you cook breakfast, prepare a larger batch than normal, then store some in the freezer for later.

They’ll certainly come in handy on a day when you’re thirty minutes behind schedule. Pop a couple waffles in the toaster while you’re getting your shoes on, and you’ve got an instant hot breakfast ready in minutes. You can even spread a little peanut butter on them or add a banana for a power-packed meal that starts your day off right.

Biscuits and breakfast sandwiches are two other breakfast options that freeze well. Why pay extra for great frozen biscuits, for example, when you can make your own, freeze them, then pull them out for a quick thaw before morning. The biscuits also make great breakfast sandwiches, when you combine them with bacon or sausage patties. The meats used in the sandwich will even help the biscuits stay moist when you warm them up.

Keep It Simple

As with many other things in life, keeping it simple in the kitchen is always a good idea. Busy moms may not need a fancy crepe or a finely stuffed omelet at breakfast; sometimes, a banana with peanut butter and a glass of milk will do. While it is important to keep good nutrition in mind, a well rounded breakfast can be a lot simpler than you think.

Having the same things all the time can get old real fast. That’s why a healthy selection of simple meals is so important. A pouch of instant oatmeal may not be considered a complete breakfast, but adding a little brown sugar or some fruit can spice up a boring bowl in no time. Even a well-picked bagel with honey, fruit, or cream cheese could be enough to get your going in the right direction in the morning.

Whether it’s a smoothie, a frozen pancake, or a creative twist on an old favorite, breakfast is as important for busy moms as any other member of the family. Make good choices for busy, productive days. Just remember, they may be the first ones up from the table when breakfast is over.

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