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Breakfast This, Not That

Breakfast is a meal that gets no respect, but is certainly one of the most important meals of the day. Instead of eating pastries, fast food, or greasy frozen foods for breakfast, look to some of the better options discussed in this article on healthy breakfast combinations you'll be thankful for later in the day.

How to Make Better Breakfast Choices Every Day

Breakfast is an important decision that affects your entire day. Deciding what to eat for breakfast, then, isnít something you should take lightly. In the following paragraphs, we offer some sensible choices that provide nutritional value as well as convenience, two things that make a winning combination for any familyís breakfast menu.

Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast sandwiches arenít given enough credit, since most people think of McDonaldís or another fast food option when they hear the term. It doesnít have to be that way. At their best, theyíre one of the most convenient and portable breakfast options you could choose, and you can make them as delicious as you want them to be.

Sure, lots of breakfast sandwiches are sold at fast food restaurants during a typical morning rush. Problem is, most are loaded with extra sodium and saturated fats you just donít need. Artificial preservatives are introduced to keep them fresh, and warming them up in a deep fryer or under a heat lamp is not a healthy choice, no matter how convenient it is.

A much better alternative is to buy a breakfast sandwich from a local grocery store or bakery, or even make one of your own. Either way, you ensure yourself the freshest ingredients and the healthiest option for a delicious treat that wonít cramp your style.

Toaster Turmoil

Toaster are the kings of many morning rituals in the kitchen, used to heat up a number of less than healthy convenience foods like pastries and fat-filled frozen foods. Along with the toaster ove, these two appliances have a bad reputation for producing things to eat your mother wouldnít be proud of. There are, however, better ways to utilize the quick heat and convenience that a toaster provides.

The next time you make fresh pancakes or waffles, consider making a little extra and freezing them for later. Then, use your toaster to heat them up as a great alternative to pre-packaged, frozen choices from your grocerís freezer section. Donít settle for gooey pastries or greasy sausages from the market. Instead, give yourself a quick, home cooked meal with a frozen pancake or waffle youíve made yourself.


Usually, thereís always a healthy substitute for convenience breakfast foods that donít give you much to be thankful for later in the day. Even things like peanut butter and a little honey or cream cheese and a little jelly can be a healthy replacement for super-sweet syrup. Youíll find little adjustments like this make a big difference in your diet and in the way you feel every day.

Consider the healthy options in a sensible breakfast sandwich, a toaster oven creation, or other nutritious options for breakfast. Itís your health, and your dedication to choosing the right breakfast foods will start your day in a beautiful way.

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