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Breakfasts Fit for Fitness

If you're watching your weight or active in staying fit, you'll want to read this article to discover some healthy alternatives to the standard breakfast fare. Three simple ideas can make the difference in how you feel during and after your next breakfast meal.

Make a Breakfast That Fits Your Fitness Goals

Even if youíre into fitness and health, breakfast doesnít have to be a routine of eating the same things day after day. By now youíve realized that bland oatmeal has little taste, and the fiber-rich cereal thatís good for you sometimes tastes like cardboard going down. No need to continue down this path of boring breakfasts. Here are a few ideas for keeping breakfast healthy while still keeping your eye on your waistline.

Smoothie Satisfaction

Smoothies are a great way to get the vitamins, minerals, and protein you need while jazzing up your breakfast meal a bit. Oh, and by the way, they taste pretty good too. Itís one of the most convenient ways of getting a full dayís serving of fruits in one convenient glass.

You can also create smoothies that include a healthy serving of vegetables as well. Adding greens to your smoothie is a sensible step. It wonít add much in the way of taste, mind you, but it certainly adds color and packs in even more vitamins and rich antioxidants for the bargain.

A warm summer morning is the perfect time to enjoy a deliciously chilly smoothie. If you use supplements in your diet, you can even add most of these directly into the mixture without affecting the flavor. We couldnít think of a better way to juice up the routine of taking your vitamins and supplements with a burst of fruit flavor.

Pasta Power

Believe it or not, pasta is a great way to start the day with something warm to eat. Pastas are complex carbohydrates that break down over a longer period of time, providing more energy than sugars or simple carbs will. Many cultures include pastas and grains in their breakfast meal to provide the right amount of energy to make it through the day.

Pasta also fills you up nicely, much like oatmeal does. Youíll be less hungry throughout the morning, making your next meal choice a less desperate one. This is also an important factor in weight control, because most breakfast meals tend to leave you feeling hungry and sapped for energy just two hours later. Pasta takes care of these issues and keeps your waistline in check to boot.

Death before Decaf

As you know, coffee is a very popular morning drink. In its original state, coffee isnít so bad for you, but complications arise when you start pouring in large amounts of sugar, milk, maybe a few squirts of caramel sauce and a whipped cream chaser. Lots of people do this because they donít enjoy the taste of coffee on its own, but the benefit of a less-dressed cup of coffee makes a big difference in achieving your fitness goals.

You donít have to give up on creamers, sugars and other add-ons completely, but you should try cutting them in half for a week to see a difference. Make it through that trial week and youíll soon turn away from the sugar overload you used to enjoy regularly. Moderation is the key, and itís a sacrifice your body will help you see in the future.

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