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Corporate Breakfast Conundrum

Being a part of the corporate world involves sacrifices, but one of those shouldn't be a healthy breakfast. Break the tradition of vending machines, doughnuts, and quick fixes with healthier options. Learn how to make the most of your situation to create healthy breakfast options for the corporate guy or girl you've become.

Don't Let Your Corporate Life Cramp Your Breakfast Style

If youíre a part of the corporate lifestyle, you understand how difficult it is to make a proper breakfast. You shouldnít have to sacrifice a great breakfast for the sake of a higher rung on the corporate ladder. Use that business savvy to make wise decisions for a corporate breakfast thatís not just fast, but healthy for you.

Better than Doughnuts

Corporate types are often lured by the convenience and simplicity of doughnuts. Too bad those convenient hunks of dough are packed with more sugar, fat, and simple carbs than you need, which affects your bottom line in a bad way. You may not have time for a four-course breakfast every morning, but that doesnít mean you canít create something a little more nutritious for yourself.

Break free from the sugar rush that will sap your energy hours later. If you like the shape of doughnuts in your hand, reach for a bagel instead. A sensible bagel with peanut butter and a banana or apple is a much better choice for a corporate breakfast. Even a frozen waffle will do in a pinch.

Vindictive Vending Machine

Vending machines are another popular choice for corporate types. The convenience factor is tempting, and it only takes a few minutes to get up, grab some change, and be back to work within minutes. No one will notice the chocolate smear on your face or the cheesy orange fingers youíve recently acquired, will they?

Hear me now. In most cases, vending machines are a bottomless pit of bad nutrition. If you love peanut butter crackers, bring your own from home. The fresh wholesome ingredients from your pantry will go well with a few slices of cheese, and will make a much better snack then that offered from your favorite machineís B-3 selection.

In fact, choosing home ingredients from packaged products isnít hard, if you think ahead. Plain popcorn sprinkled with a little cheese powder makes a great snack, one you can pop fresh when youíre in the office. There are also a number of healthy chips available at the store, or bring some raw veggies and dip to satisfy your mid-morning hunger.

Donít Forget Your Briefcase

Do you carry a briefcase to work with you? If so, youíve got a sophisticated breakfast traveling companion you may not have considered before. Itís a secure environment for a nutritious cereal bar, a container of V8, and a banana, for starters. This even leaves you with a free hand for a cup of coffee or the morning paper. What could be better?

Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and helps you get going for the long haul ahead. You may currently be part of the corporate race, but thereís always time for a sensible breakfast, even if itís a simple bagel, some popcorn and pretzels, or a generous spread taken from the comfort of your handy briefcase. Work should never interfere with your health, and your health starts with good choices for breakfast, and beyond.

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