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Crock Pot Creations for Breakfast and Brunch

Crock pots aren't just for dinner - they can also make some fabulous breakfast and brunch meals that'll get you going in the right direction each morning. Check out some of these ideas for great morning meals you'll enjoy with as little effort as possible, using your handy crock pot.

Crock Pots Make Breakfast and Brunch Too

Crock pots are best known for getting dinner on the table with ease. Throw some ingredients together in the morning, set the time and temperature, and dinnerís ready when you walk in the door. You donít have to stop there, though. Breakfast and brunch are two morning meals that you can prepare in slow cookers, too.

Breakfast While You Get Ready

You can put your crock pot to work on a hearty breakfast while you get ready for the day ahead. By the time you dry you hair, read the paper, or help with some last minute homework, breakfast is cooking in your crock pot.

In the mood for a quick quiche or a cheesy hash brown casserole? Maybe a couple of poached eggs? Get Ďem cooking when you first wake up and they'll be ready in a snap. A batch of quick oatmeal is a breeze in a crock pot, and you wonít need to worry about a pot boiling over on the stove, either. Add oatmeal, water, and your flavorings right in the crock pot, then set it on high. A hot breakfast will be waiting for you and your family before you head out the door.

Breakfast While You Sleep

Imagine waking up to a perfectly cooked breakfast and a fresh pot of coffee in the morning. Wouldnít that be lovely? Imagine the aroma of sausage and maple syrup wafting down the hall to your bedroom as you wake. Your slow cooker makes this entirely possible.

A hearty breakfast is the perfect way to start the day. A delicious, hot meal takes the chill out of any cold morning you can imagine. You can easily put together a breakfast casserole the night before, set your crock pot on low, and itíll be ready to dig into by the time you get up.

If your idea of a hearty breakfast is a big bowl of five grain cereal with nuts, load the ingredients into your crock pot the night before and set it on low. In the morning, head for the refrigerator and pull out the milk. Thatís about all youíll need to do to enjoy this hot and hearty breakfast, waiting for you when you wake.

The Brunch Connection

Sometimes the dayís first meal comes later in the morning, after youíve slept in on a welcome day off from work or school. Or, you may enjoy a late morning meal as a special occasion with friends on the weekend. Either way, put your crock pot to work for you, helping create some satisfying dishes that take place somewhere between breakfast and lunch.

Youíll find many recipes are well-suited for late morning meals like brunch. One of our favorite brunch dishes is quiche. A cheesy quiche with vegetables and bacon satisfies your craving for an in-between meal that deliciously different. Add some sliced ham and hash browns, and youíve got a complete casserole to rival any brunch buffet, courtesy of your crock pot.

You probably didnít consider that your crock pot can help you get off the ground the right way each morning. With little to do in the way of preparation, youíll soon find yourself enjoying world class cuisine that makes getting out the door a little easier.

If youíre like most people, standing over a hot stove, flipping and stirring your way through a complicated meal, just isnít your idea of fun. But, you and your family still deserve a better breakfast experience than toast and coffee. Youíll need a hearty morning meal to accomplish all you do in a day, so use your crock pot to help you make it to dinner with a satisfied stomach.

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