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Grow Your Own Organic Food

Organic food is fast becoming a part of our diets. Here are some tips on how easy it is to grow your own organic garden.

Grow Your Own Organic Food

Organic food can be so expensive. With the products used on many fruits and vegetables these days we all know organic food is the healthiest way to go. So why not grow your own and save the strain on your wallet?

Begin by picking things that are easy to grow and take care of. You will also want to try to find fruits and vegetable that will continue to produce each year. You might find that tomatoes, greens of all kinds and strawberries are good things to begin with.

You can grow an organic garden right in your own home. Make sure you start your plants in a large enough container so they can grow to their full potential. It is very important that you get light to your plants inside. This needs to be natural light produced by the sun. You can also check into lighting that will simulate the sun. Also be sure to provide light during the times there is none in your home.

You have a few different options when growing your organic garden outside. One way is to grow you plants in large pots. This keeps weeds from invading your plants. It also cuts down on having to dig in the dirt. Although some of us enjoy getting our hands dirty it can be very messy.

If digging in the dirt is not your cup of tea or if trying to grow plants in a pot just doesn’t suit your fancy, you can try a raised garden. It keeps you from having to kill your grass and if your soil is clay this type of garden is perfect.

A raised garden is pretty simple to create. To begin you have to find the perfect spot to put your garden. Take newspaper and lay it down on top of the grass so no weeds can get through. Put hay, straw, organic fertilizer and compost on top of the newspaper. This will give you a completely natural area to grow your plants.

Always be sure that what you choose to grow is right for your area. Also be sure to plant your garden when growing conditions are favorable. Never be afraid to add new plants to your garden. Once you have become an organic gardener, the sky is the limit.

See, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Keep up the good work because natural is always the best way to go.

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