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Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be a large health risk. Here are some ideas on how to lower blood pressure by eating healthy.

Help Lower Blood Pressure By Eating Healthy

You went to the doctor and they told you your blood pressure is too high. They said they could prescribe medications to lower it, but you would rather try an alternative method first. Try eating healthier. You don’t have to make big changes in your diet. By making some healthy changes you can start to bring your blood pressure down to a more normal level.

Cut Your Sugar Intake
Sugar raises blood pressure so try cutting back on the amount in your diet. By removing even small amounts of sugar, you will slow down the effect it has on your body. Your body absorbs sugar quickly but when eaten with fiber or protein the absorption of sugar is slower.

Salt Alternatives
Salt raises blood pressure significantly. Anyone with high blood pressure will tell you to take salt out of your diet. What no salt? There are many alternatives to salt. You can try different seasonings or even a no salt product. Some of these tastelike the real thing but have no sodium in them at all. Check the labels on any product you buy to make sure the levels of sodium are low or non-existent. You might be surprised how good things taste when you cut out the salt.

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies
It’s known that fruits and vegetables are good for your heart. So why wouldn’t they help in lowering blood pressure? They do. Fruits and vegetables contain many nutrients that your body needs. The best part is that with fruits and vegetables you get these nutrients naturally. Not only does it help to lower blood pressure but also it’s good for your whole body. Remember when you were younger hearing “an apple a day keeps the Dr. away” or “eat your carrots they are good for your eyes”. Believe it or not it’s true. Try it you might just find that you do like your vegetables.

Add Fiber
Try adding some fiber to your diet. There are many products out there that have fiber in them. Cereal is a good example. If you just can’t take the taste of foods with fiber try a fiber supplement. You want to make sure your supplement has soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is not only good for your blood pressure, but also helps to lower cholesterol.

Using the tips above and exercising will help you feel better before you know it. Get started on a healthier diet and watch your blood pressure drop.

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