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Make a Breakfast Getaway

Want to get away from the routine of boring breakfasts? Discover some interesting cultures by trying different foods for breakfast from different countries. Here is a sample of the fare from foreign locations that could make you feel a part of the area, if only for a few moments.

Quick Getaway to An Exotic Breakfast Experience

If youíre sitting in your living room wishing you were somewhere far, far away, you can make an imaginary getaway happen during your next breakfast meal. Many different cultures enjoy a variety of breakfast foods that can give you a taste of something new, exciting, and different. Come with us to sample a few different cultures and see how they enjoy the morning ritual we call breakfast.


Coffee is a staple of the Turkish breakfast, as many people know. If you donít drink coffee, you can drink tea served in glasses, not teacups, as an alternative. Turkish culture provides only a few choices for morning meals. For them, itís sometimes as simple as a loaf of bread with a little softened butter and honey, which are mixed together to make a simple spread.


Australia and England are closely related when it comes to breakfast tastes, so youíll often see eggs, bacon, and cereal on the breakfast menu in both countries. There are idiosyncrasies, however, in the Australian diet for breakfast. One interesting example is toast topped with either baked beans and bacon or spaghetti.


In China, breakfast comes early, and the fare is simple and light. A typical breakfast consists of a small amount of rice or other grain with vegetables and sometimes meat. Fish is the most common source of protein in a Chinese breakfast dish, which provides a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Tea is a popular breakfast drink in China, although sometimes there is no drink served with the meal at all.


Grecian breakfasts are similar to those in China, being a small meal often consisting of fresh fruits, yogurt, and fresh baked rolls. Coffee is popular here as well, and is often ordered in one of three sweetness levels; sketo is without sugar, metrio is a medium sweet coffee, and glyko is very sweet. The Greeks like their coffee sweet, but it is never served with milk. Many people there supplement breakfast with a mid-morning snack a few hours later, one that usually includes bread with meat and cheese.


Bulgarian breakfasts often include sesame bread, cheese made from sheepís milk, honey, butter, tomatoes, olives, and most importantly, yogurt. The country boasts one of the largest populations of centenarians, so Bulgarian breakfasts are often seen as one of the healthiest, well-rounded breakfasts in the world.

There are more than 190 countries in the world, which means you could try a different breakfast every day for a long time. Spice up your daily routine by taking a short trip to an exotic location from the comfort of your own kitchen.

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