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Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is an important meal, but during the week most people are pressed for time. What to do? Read this article to see how you can still prepare a hearty breakfast quickly to start the day off right.

A Quick and Healthy Breakfast Is Possible, If You Think Ahead

Sometimes, a quick breakfast is all we have time for when weíre running out the door. Other times, we spend a little more time in the kitchen to make something healthy and delicious. Itís usually either one or the other, and a quick and healthy first meal is a rare occurance. Weíd like to offer a compromise to help bring these two concepts together in one quick breakfast thatís both easy to make and good for you.

Get your servings

So, youíve ordered a fried hash brown, which only took a couple seconds, and since it contains potatoes you think youíre OK, right? Not really. What youíve done is over-starched yourself first thing while wasting money in the process.

Maybe it comes in a convenient package and is ready in less than two minutes, but the minor resemblance to a healthy vegetable choice doesnít make it quick and healthy. Getting the proper nutrition in your daily meals is one of the hardest things to accomplish when youíre constantly on the run.

Morning meals are usually the best times to get fruits, dairy products, and grains into your diet, often in a portable meal thatís quick to prepare. Things as simple as a glass of milk with a banana or an orange can be enough to take with you for the moment. You can put together a Tupperware bowl of granola or cereal to take with you to work, maybe even some yogurt. These choices will be a nice break from the morning routine that isnít long in coming, well before lunch.

Think ahead

Plan your meals ahead of time, and youíll be one step ahead on any given day. When youíre in the moment, itís probably too late to prepare something at a momentís notice. Thinking ahead is what gets you quick and health breakfasts you wonít have to scramble for.

For example, letís say youíre interested in fruit and nut pancakes the next morning. You could mix all of the ingredients up the night before, then store them in your fridge overnight. In the morning, you can refresh the batter with a little more liquip while the pan is heating up. In 10 minutes, you can be enjoying the fruit of your labor with a hearty pancake breakfast that lasts well into the morning.

This even works with some of the other things you do to get ready in the morning. Set the timer on your coffee pot, use the delay start function on your oven, and you could actually make coffee and a hash brown and ham casserole by the time youíve showered and dressed.

Use what you have

Many breakfast recipes become chores because of the preparation time necessary to make them right. It can be more work than you have time for, if you donít plan well. Then, what if you forget to prepare something in advance to save yourself some steps? Thereís still hope for a good breakfast.

Use last nightís delicious stir fry, for instance, to save the day. Got some extra uncooked ingredients left over, like bell peppers, carrots, onions, and bamboo shoots? Whip up a couple of eggs and make a great omelet or a delicious scramble in just a few minutes.

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