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Start Day Nutritious Foods

It has been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and many experts agree. After a long night of sleep your body needs to "break the fast". If your family is busy like so many are today you'll want healthy breakfast ideas? There are many options to consider in this area.

Start the Day with Nutritious Foods

When you’re a busy family like many, skipping breakfast may seem like the best course of action to take. Actually, your body needs to be recharged by the nutrients that food supplies. This means that you need to eat a good breakfast.

It may surprise you to hear that complex carbohydrates are your best bet for a healthy breakfast. These carbohydrates are found in whole wheat breads and oatmeal. By eating these for breakfast they will provide the much needed glucose to get the brain as well as the body ready for the day ahead. They also help you to maintain a healthy digestive system.

It is also a good idea to include at least one serving of protein. This fiber can be found in fruits and whole wheat breads. It doesn't hurt to have a little bit of fat either. Eating this type of breakfast will allow you to remain full longer. It will also provide you with the energy to get you through till your next meal around midday.

A cornerstone to a healthy breakfast is whole grain breads. To get your family closer to their daily fiber needs aim for eating five grams of fiber at each meal. Whole wheat bread, English muffins and cereals are a few of these options. These can be served with reduced-fat cheeses, cottage cheese or peanut butter to provide the protein needed at breakfast. To help out the taste buds you can add whole pieces or cubed fruit without adding large numbers of calories.

Eggs, Yogurt and Lean Meats

A few other great sources of protein are eggs, yogurt and lean meats. A single serving of cheese, cottage cheese or peanut butter can be used as alternatives. Be sure to include at least one serving of this power packed nutrient. Protein is very important in starting your metabolism after you have been asleep.

100% Whole Wheat Cereals

These cereals are usually great for people in a rush. The best cereal to choose is 100% whole wheat cereals if you go this route. Most common cereals are filled with an overabundance of sugar and empty calories. There are better choices available to choose from.


Fruit can be eaten many ways. You can eat it in whole pieces or blend it with low-fat milk for a luscious fruit smoothie. Peanut butter or any other protein can be added to the fruit to get your families day off to a great start.

For busy families, as most are today, these healthy breakfast ideas are great. There are so many healthy food options available today. There is absolutely no reason to resort to using sugar-filled cereals when you are on the run and in a hurry.

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