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Time and Money Saving Breakfast Ideas

Remember when you were small your Mother saying ďEat your breakfast itís the most important meal of the day.Ē That statement has been proven to be very true. Unfortunately in our fast paced world there is a tendency to neglect that important meal. With the rise of cost for many types of breakfast foods we also find ourselves sliding past the breakfast items at the grocery store. This doesnít have to be a way of life for your family.

Ideas for Quick & Cheap Breakfasts

Finding ways to make quick, inexpensive breakfast items can be a lot of fun. You might be surprised at some of the things that make a great breakfast and can be accomplished with a little advanced preparation or even in a short period of time.

Yogurt topped with a little fresh fruit can make a great tasting and very healthy breakfast. Chop the fruit when you bring it home from the store. Place it in a container in the refrigerator. When itís time for breakfast just pull the top off the yogurt, add the chopped fruit and you have a delicious breakfast in a matter of a few seconds. Try topping your yogurt with a little cereal or granola for some variety in your breakfast.

Breakfast shakes or smoothies can also be a time saving and healthy breakfast. By using some yogurt, fresh fruit or any food items that sound good to you, you can have a quick morning treat that will satisfy anyone. Just place the items in the blender and blend to the desired consistency. Pour the shake into throw away cups and place them the refrigerator. The next morning you can just grab them and be on your way. These taste pretty yummy too.

Make a breakfast casserole. Many families like to have a good breakfast together on Sunday morning. Breakfast casseroles seem to have become quite a favorite for these types of family meals. The next time you throw a breakfast casserole together why not make two? Cut the second one into squares and either freeze them or place them in containers in the fridge. Your family can just grab a square, toss it in the microwave and have a very filling breakfast. It doesnít take as many eggs or quite as much meat to make a casserole and the mess is much easier to clean up too.

Does your family like pigs in a blanket? This old time favorite can be as easy as pie to throw together on a rush filled morning. When making pancakes for your family make a few extra. Freeze these extra pancakes. Be sure to have sausage links on hand too. Take a frozen pancake and a frozen sausage link and pop them in the microwave. When finished, wrap the pancake around the sausage link and you have a pig in the blanket that no child or adult can turn down.

Another fast and simple breakfast idea are those great breakfast sandwiches. While cleaning up from dinner or getting things ready for the next morning why not throw a few items on a biscuit. It can be any type of meat, tomatoes, onion...the sky is the limit. Then cut the biscuit into bite size pieces. Place the pieces in a microwavable container. In the morning just pop off the top of the container, throw it in the microwave and again you have the making for a perfect on the run breakfast.

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It gives our bodies the fuel we need to face the day and all it has to offer. It gives our minds fuel to learn and the energy to make it through. Remember Mom does know best so donít let a good breakfast slip away.

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