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Use for Dandelions

All parts of a dandelion are healthy for your body. Here are some facts that you need to know about dandelions and your health.

There Has To Be a Use for All These Dandelions

Ever wake up in the morning and look outside to see your whole yard covered with the wonderful yellow flowers we know as dandelions? We all have and most of us are very irritated when we do. Well the next time you see them covering your yard donít pull out the weed killer. Dandelions are known to be a healthy addition to your diet and for some their livelihood. To define them as a weed is not a true definition.

Dandelions are full of vitamins and minerals that we need to keep our bodies healthy. In fact, if you read up on dandelions you will find over eleven types of vitamins and minerals in them, including protein.

You will also find that dandelions can purify your blood, treat head and chest colds and cleanse your body and skin. Not only that but dandelions can help people who are dieting to lose weight and lower cholesterol. They can help diabetics control their insulin levels. Dandelions are known to prevent several types of cancer. There are even indications that dandelions were responsible for curing a person of a malignant cancer. There are many studies that prove these points.

If you have an upset stomach and need an antacid try some dandelion juice. If you are constipated eat a dandelion. They have helped people relieve muscle spasms and cramps too. Dandelions can help for relief with your high blood pressure. They help to lower cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart. There is not a single part, including the roots, that isnít healthy for you. Dandelions have been used for all these purposes for years and years.

When you look out that kitchen window and see those yellow flowers all over your yard donít grumble. Just get your basket and go out and pick them. You can cook them, make juice out of them, put them in a salad or eat them just they way they are. Most importantly remember that dandelions are a natural way to keep your body healthy, happy and wise.

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