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Check Out My Lunch Box

Kids want tastey things in their luchbox to eat. What better way to fill up your little one than with this delicious wraps. They are nutrious too.

Check Out My Lunch Box (with recipes)

Taste is very important to children. Lunch is a perfect time to combine good food and good nutrition. The traditional sandwich and fruit lunch is always popular. Introducing some variety and fun foods into a lunch at home or school will encourage children to try new foods.

Since whole grains are an important addition to a childĺs diet, you can prepare something a little different and fun for lunch. These lunches can be prepared at night and wrapped in plastic bags. A quick 30-second zap in the microwave should keep them warm enough for lunchtime.

Chicken Cheese Wrap


*1/2 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast
*1/4-cup onion slivers
*1 whole-wheat flour tortilla
*1 wedge Swiss cheese
*1-tablespoon ketchup
*2 teaspoons sliced chili peppers


Note: You can always use the rotisserie chicken for these school lunch ideas.

1. With a sharp knife cut chicken into thin slivers
2. Set medium non stick skillet over medium-high heat until hot
3. Mist with olive oil spray
4. Place onion and chicken in pan
5. Cook, separate chicken shavings
6. Cook until no longer pink
7. Remove pan from heat
8. Set aside
9. Place tortilla between 2 damp paper towels
10. Microwave on low in 10-second increments until warmed
11. Place tortilla on serving plate
12. Spread cheese, leaving about 2" bare on one end
13. Top with chicken mixture, ketchup and peppers
14. Fold bare end of tortilla up over filling
15. Fold sides over middle
16. Serve

Always stuff their lunch bags with fresh fruit and vegetables. Some quick school lunch ideas that can be available in the refrigerator are:

Baggies filled with the following:

Carrot sticks
Broccoli flowerets with a side of ranch dressing
Cottage cheese with fruit
Cheese sticks
Cheese chunks
Pudding cups
Jello cups

Kids lunches need variety and nutrients. Pick and choose those healthy snacks that the kids like and there will be no trading lunches from your kids.

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