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Appetizer Recipes

3 Cheese Nut Ball
3 Ingredient Creamy Pesto Dip
7-Layer Salad with Bacon
A Little Spicy Chicken Appetizers
Almond Curry Cheese Ball
Anchovy Dip
Antipasto on a Stick
Asparagus Wrapped In Prosciutto
Bacon Chili Guacamole Filled Tomato Bites
Bacon Crab Rolls
Bacon Deviled Eggs
Bacon Dip
Bacon Onion Pinwheels
Bacon Wrapped Grilled Meat & Jalapeno Poppers
Baked Artichoke And Double Cheese Dip
Baked Cheesy Crabmeat Dip
Baked Chicken Wings
Baked Mushroom Swiss Cheese Snacks
Baked Nachos In a Flash
Baked Potato Wedge Bites
Basil Chestnut Vegetable Dip
Bite 'em Back Beefy Stuffed Mushrooms
Bite Size Apricot Cheddar Snacks
Bite Sized Zucchini Poppers
Brilliant Brie
Broiled Mini-Cheeseburger Bites
Bundle Me Up Shrimp
Buttermilk Vegetable Dip
Caponata (Eggplant dip)
Cheddar Almond & Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms
Cheddar Almond Cheese Spread
Cheddar Bacon Cajun Jalapenos
Cheese and Tuna Filled Cucumbers
Cheese Balls
Cheesy Beer Dip
Cherry Almond Cheese Ball
Chestnut Shrimp Egg Rolls
Chicken Nachos
Chili Dip
Chili Meets Curry Vegetable Dip
Chilly Avocado Egg Pate
Chilly Marinated Mushrooms
Chocolate Peanut Butter Fruit Dip
Citrus Savory Marinated Mushrooms
Clam Dip
Classic Clam Dip
Classic Sweet and Tangy Smokies
Coconut Shrimp
Coconut Shrimp Cheese Spread
Cool Cucumber Dip
Corn Beef and Kraut Oven Baked Dip
Cream Cheese and Pistachio Filled Apricot Halves
Cream Cheese and Salsa Spread
Cream Cheese Beef Ball
Cream Cheese Celery Nibbles
Creamy Carrot Cheese Ball
Creamy Marmalade Ham Roll Ups
Creamy Salmon Vegetable Dip
Creamy Wasabi Dip For Shrimp Cocktail
Cripsy-Coated Baked Mushrooms with Tomato and Dill Dip
Crispy Herbed Mozzarella Bites
Crowd Pleasing Cheesy Spinach Appetizers
Cucumber Spread
Dairy Dip
Deli-Style Roast Beef 'n Onion Bites
Dijon Shrimp Dip
Easiest Crab Appetizer
Easy Barbecue Meatballs
Easy Cheesy Baked Artichoke Dip
Easy Creamy Bacon Dip
Easy Ham Rolls
Egg and Ham Pastry Shells
Eggplant with Olive Oil Dip
Fabulous Sourdough Baked Brie
Fig Onion Ricotta Spread Bruschetta
Flaky Wrapped Brie With Cranberry Orange Glaze
French Dressing Veggie Dip
Fresh Squeezed Lime Ceviche
Fried Pumpkin Puffs
Garlic and Herb Grilled Shrimp Skewers
Granny Smith's Garden Shrimp Cocktail
Green Chile Tortilla Dip
Green Olive Spread
Grilled Cheese Rolls
Grilled Lemon Garlic Portabello Mushrooms
Grilled Lemony Oysters in the Shell
Halloween Chicken Fingers
Halloween Potato Skins
Ham and Cream Cheese Dip
Ham It up Pinwheel Bites
Ham Munchies
Hard Boiled Egg Spread
Herbed Goat Cheese Bruschetta
Honey Dijon Ranch Dip
Horseradish and Bacon Dip
Hot 'n Sweet Sausage Cheese Spread
Hot Chicken Wings
Irish Deviled Eggs
Irish Potatoes
Italian Tomato Vegetable Dip
Lemon Soy Tahini Dip
Low Carb Buffet Time Crab Cakes
Low Fat Spinach Chicken Pinwheels
Lowfat Mock Deviled Eggs
Make My Eyes Water Easy Chicken Wings
Mediterannean Bleu Cheese Bread Dip
Mexicorn chip dip
Monterey Ranch Dip with Almonds
Nacho Chip Cheese Ball
New England Style Clam Dip
Not Your Everyday Pigs in a Blanket
Nutty Cream Cheese Stuffed Celery
Nutty Spinach in Celery Boats
Oven Baked Creamy Crab Dip
Oven Fried Chicken Wings
Oven-Baked Pizza Dip
Party Perfect Egg Rolls
Party Taco Dip
Pea Salad Spooners
Peach & Jalapeno Cream Cheese Spread
Pesto Tomato Chicken Grill Packets
Philly Olive Celery Boats
Pimento Pepper Ranch Rollups
Pizza Dip
Pizza Party Pinwheels
Pork Wontons and Ranch Dip
Quick and Easy Chicken Wings Dip
Roasted Eggplant Snack Spread
Sassy Saucy Bourbon Duck Bites
Saucy Lil Sweetheart Smokies
Sauerkraut Balls
Sausage Balls with Bisquick
Savory Cream Cheese Apricot Spread
Savory Grilled Bacon Mushroom and Chicken Liver Kabobs
Savory Salmon Log with a Nutty Wrap Up
Shrimp Dip a la Pantry
Silky Cherry Pineapple Fruit Dip
Smoked Fish Spread
Smoky Tomato Bacon Dip
Southwest Bean Dip
Spice Apple Dip with Horseradish
Spicy Yogurt Salmon Spread
Spinach Turkey Tortilla Pin Wheels
St. Patrick's Day Fruit Tray
St. Patty's Day Vegetable Tray
Steak 'n Potato Popovers
Steamed Mussels
Stuffed Artichokes
Surprise Devilled Eggs
Sweet and Sour Chicken Wings
Sweet Bleu Cheese Ball
Sweet Onion and Swiss Baked Dip
Tangy Water Chestnuts Bacon Wraps
Taste of Sea Deviled Eggs
Teriyaki Chicken Wings
Toasted Coconut and Curry Chicken Bites
Tomato & Feta Snack Rounds
Tomato and Dill Dip
Tomato Chili Cheese Dip
Tropical Salsa Spread
Tuna Dip with Cream Cheese
Vanilla Cheese Fruit Dip
Warm Spinach Dip In A Bread Bowl
Wee Little Piggies in a Blanket
Wild West Meatball Appetizers
Zesty Crab Spread on Cucumber Slices
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