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Cool Picnic Drinks to Quench Your Summer Thirst

Part of the fun in preparing good food for your summer picnics is thinking of some refreshing, cool picnic drinks to bring along as well. These suggestions will provide the type of inspiration you'll need to give your guests and family something to quench their thirst deliciously when they become parched.

Quench That Summer Thirst With Some Cool Picnic Drinks That Really Satisfy

There are many different types of cold picnic drinks that with quench your thirst on a summer day. Everyone has at least one favorite beverage they enjoy often. Some are fizzy, some are creamy, some are just cool and taste refreshing. Every age group has something they enjoy drinking, no matter what type of picnic you've planned. Let's rattle off a few choices to cool you off and keep you coming back for more.

Cool Drinks for Kids

Kid-friendly picnics are occasions when serving powdered fruit drinks may be the easiest way to go. However, you can add some sparkle and fizz to the pitcher to make it more fun. When you get to the picnic, pour some lemon-lime cola or ginger and add some ice, then simply pour into a tall plastic picnic glass and serve. You could even freeze a batch of ice cubes beforehand, using the same fruit drink for another colorful, fun way to serve cold drinks for the kids in the crowd.

A big pitcher of lemonade is another picnic staple that satisfies thirsty youngsters. To transport, bring the lemonade in a sealed jug, then pour into an attractive pitcher when you arrive at the picnic. Add some fresh lemon slices to add even more visual appeal. Bring some fun picnic glasses and add a colorful straw to complete the presentation. In this case, flavored ice cubes can help keep the lemonade from becoming watered down.

Slushies are one more type of popular cold drink at warm-weather picnics, and watermelon is one of the more popular flavors. To prepare, cut and seed a fresh watermelon and run the fruit through a food processor or blender, then strain the watermelon through a sieve or cheesecloth. Put the slush mixture in a plastic bag or container and store in the freezer.

Keep your slush mixture frozen until you are ready to enjoy, then put the frozen watermelon into a pitcher and pour in some lemon-lime soda; stir and serve. This method provided a great-tasting and convenient slushie, without the need to bring your blender to the picnic.

Refreshing Adult Drinks

For adults, there are many special coolers for those who enjoy a bit of the spirits. One popular cold drink is made with equal parts iced tea and homemade lemonade, adding just a splash of vodka. Of course, you can leave out the spirits and still enjoy one a popular summertime drink that satisfies your thirst well.

Picnics are not the time to bring along expensive, exotic wines. Those ar better reserved for fancy meals in lavish dining rooms with a candlelight dinner. Instead, choose a sweet, crisp, and light wine that goes well with the meats, cheeses, and fruit you plan to serve. If you like, add an ice cube to your wine glass to make sure the wine stays cold from start to finish.

Wine also goes well with a number of sparkling tonics. Prepare a big pitcher of Sangria with some fresh fruit slices floating on the top. Remember, add color and freshness to your summer picnics is fun, and beverages like these are a great place to start.

Beer is another popular cold beverage on a summer day. Store bottles on ice and keep a bottle opener within easy reach. There are enough exotic varieties of beer to choose something different every time. The labels and origins of these varieties will spark conversation as you enjoy the flavor of your selection.

Ginger beer is another drink that often compliments the special dishes you've created for your picnic. Again, part of the appeal is finding unusual varieties with local or regional origins to surprise your guests with.

Coffee on Ice

Coffee isn't just for breakfast anymore; it's a stimulating drink that boosts your spirits during an active day. Iced coffees require just a few ingredients, mainly ice and coffee, but lots of people prefer to mix in some milk, cream, or other flavors to make a more exotic and special drink for themselves.

Start with any fresh-brewed, strong coffee that you normally drink, or try something different with a little built-in flavor. Hazelnut coffees are delicious on ice, for instance. Cool your brewed coffee, then pour into a jug or carafe for transporting to the picnic. This is a drink you'll want to serve in tall glasses with milk, cream, or other flavorings, along with plenty of ice cubes.

One popular iced coffee starts with a little chocolate syrup (or powdered chocolate) added to coffee, then milk and ice to finish it off. Stir up well, and now you've got a cold and refreshing mocha coffee. Your guests will delight in a tall frosty glass of a favorite beverage for breakfast thatís just as good during the day.

Cool picnic drinks provide plenty of opportunities for creativity. If there' something you enjoy drinking at home, odds are you can also enjoy it at your next picnic. Mix and match some favorites together or create new combinations that will please you and your guests as you enjoy the eventful day together.

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