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Can Corn on the Cob Be Grilled?

Grilling corn on the cob? It is a fantastic way to cook corn with a lot of seasoning and buttery flavor. It gives the corn a delicious flavor so that all who eat it wonít soon forget.

Can Corn on the Cob Be Grilled?

Start off by choosing your corn. Be sure that the husks are closed and that there are no missing kernels. This can be determined by peeking inside the husk of the corn. For grilling corn on the cob you will want to keep the husks. At the farmer's market it is a habit to clean the corn. Very few people want the hassle of corn husk and hairs at home so they do it at the market.

Pull down the husk of the corn but do not remove it completely. Continue by pulling off all of the hairs on the corn. Check out the ears to ensure that there are no dark or damaged kernels, if there are, be sure to cut them away.

Next, you will need to put the corn in a big bucket of cold water. Make sure that the corn is completely immersed in the water. This process is like that of getting skewers ready for the grill. Saturating the corn and the husk in water will prevent the corn from burning. Allow the corn to set immersed in the water for thirty minutes. While you are waiting you can go ahead and preheat the grill.

After thirty minutes dry the corn then add your spices and other condiments like butter. If you like salt on your corn, add some to the butter. This will save you from adding salt to the corn later when you eat it. The salt will soak in with the butter. Donít forget any other seasonings you might like to add to give the corn just the right flavor.

Want a little kick to your corn on the cob? Add some red or cayenne pepper. There are a variety of dried herbs and spices that you can rub onto the corn. After you have added the herbs and spices rewrap the corn cob in the husk. Twist the ends of the husk so that the corn is sealed inside. Pieces of the husk can also be used as a twist tie.

With the grill closed grill the corn for about a half an hour and then remove. By opening the husk you will get a better presentation of the outcome of the corn. Corn on the cob cooked in this manner will taste delicious because all the flavor of the spice is grilled into the corn. It is a guarantee that you will never want to boil corn on the cob again.

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