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Delicious Pumpkin Dessert Ideas

When most of us think of a pumpkin Halloween comes to mind. The most common use for pumpkins is to carve them out and scare the neighborhood folk with them on Halloween. Did you know that pumpkins are also good to eat? Pumpkin just so happens to be one of the most featured ingredient in many recipes during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Delicious Pumpkin Dessert Ideas

Pumpkin is a wholesome addition to meals any time of the year. Not just fresh pumpkin either. If a fresh pumpkin is not available, canned pumpkin will work just fine in many dessert ideas.

Pumpkin has become very popular in desserts. Can you imagine Thanksgiving without the pumpkin pie? If you are not used to working with fresh pumpkin then you can make pie filling using the canned pumpkin. The canned pumpkin filling cuts out a lot of work because the strings and seeds have already been removed. Pumpkin pie filling can also be used for mini tarts that are great for social gatherings of any type.

The desserts you can make using pumpkin are endless, so donít limit yourself to just pumpkin pies. One great option for using pumpkin is pumpkin bread. If you are not particularly fond of pumpkin pie then youíre bound to like pumpkin bread as it tastes nothing like pumpkin pie. By adding more pumpkin to your recipe it will make the bread moister.

Pumpkin bars are also great. They are almost like pumpkin bread but they are denser. Pumpkin bars are usually topped with icing. Pumpkin bars make great after dinner snacks for the kids instead of cake and ice cream.

Did you know that you can substitute pumpkin for any recipe that calls for sweet potatoes? It might be cookies, cakes, bars or pies that are the desired treat. Just remember they will be a hint sweeter when you add pumpkin to the mix.

You can also slice up pumpkin and use it in stir-fry recipes along with other gourds like zucchini and squash. Another great use for pumpkin is to serve it over rice or even as a side dish for meats. Amaze your guests with the many different uses of pumpkin.

There are also many other uses for pumpkin and it doesnít have to be the main ingredient in your recipe. By hollowing out the pumpkin you can even use it as a bread bowl. The hollowed out pumpkin can hold stews, soups and chili that may or may not contain pumpkin. The outer rind of the pumpkin will be able to stand up to the heat and may even cook any remnants of pumpkin inside which will add to the flavor.

So what are your plans for your pumpkin after Halloween is over? Why not try and add the pumpkin into your favorite recipe and taste the difference that the pumpkin makes in the flavor.

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