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Easy Ways to Enjoy Apples

Sometimes, life is simpler than it seems. With apples, you can enjoy wholesome goodness in a snack that's not only good, but good for you. Read about these simple, easy ways to incorporate apples into your diet today.

Apples Are Easy to Enjoy, If You're Willing to Try

Eating a raw apple is as simple as diving in through the crisp skin to the sweet or tart center, juice running down your chin as you enjoy the powerful flavor. If youíd rather take a softer approach and give your teeth a rest, core and cut the apple into wedges for bite-size goodness. You can even find some tempting flavors to dip those juicy little wedges in. Peanut butter is one food item that goes well with a crisp, fresh, raw apple.

Apples can also be diced into fruit salads, tossed into a tuna salad with celery for a crunchy combination, or dipped in caramel or chocolate and topped with nuts. Can you say, yum?! There are boatloads of ways to eat raw apples alone or with exciting complimentary foods.

If you happen to live close to an apple orchard, thereís nothing like picking a ripe apple from the nearest tree, warmed by gentle rays of sunshine, and eating it right there in the shade of branches swaying in a warm, summer breeze.

You donít always have to eat them raw, though. You can get fancy or down-home simple by cooking apples in recipes just as easily. From apple omelets and crisps to apple pie and pastries, cooked apples are enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

Letís make it even simpler on you. Simmer some apples until soft, then throw in some sugar and cinnamon and mash them into applesauce. You can even serve applesauce over ice cream for a healthy topping that adds distinct flavor to a popular dessert staple.

Don't have a sweet tooth for apples by themselves? No problem. Apples also make their way into side dishes like collard greens, spinach, cabbage, or other savory vegetables. Add a delightful mix of flavors to a skillet full of onions, harvest vegetables, and a splash of balsamic vinaigrette when you add apples. Try your hand at an apple glaze for your next juicy pork tenderloin. Think beyond traditional foods like apple pie and you'll discover a whole new way to enjoy your next bag of apples.

Remember the old adage, 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away?í Scientific studies have shown the potential of apples for some pretty important nutrients, including vitamin C, so adding this versatile fruit to your diet could be good for you in many ways. Above all, the cool, crisp flavor and crunch of a fresh apple, by itself, should convince you itís worth taking a bite today.

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