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Fit & Healthy Lunch Hour

Can't find time to exercise or make healthy changes? Try your lunch break.

Lunch Hour is a Great Time to Get Fit

What do you do on your lunch break each day? Do you go out to a diner or restaurant with colleagues and friends, sit at your desk and work through lunch, or do you hang out and gossip in the break room? If youíre one of those people who wish they had more time to get fit, but just canít find enough time in your day letís make a change starting today. Lunch time is a great time to sneak in a bit of exercise and start eating healthier too. After all the two go hand in hand right?

Letís start with a healthier lunch. If you eat out a lot at lunch, making your own lunch will not only be healthier for you, but youíll save money and time too. Salads, wraps, pitas and sandwiches packed with veggies, lettuce, tomato and lean meats are all great options. When you pack your lunch for work, youíll have lots of time to exercise before or after eating.

Once youíve got your healthy lunch packed, youíll need to scout out workout options. Is there a gym close by the office? You may even be one of the lucky few that have a workout room right in your office building. If not, investigate any fitness centers near your office that can be reached within five minutes and consider joining one.

If you donít have a gym close-by, or just donít want that type of workout, bring a pair of comfortable shoes to keep under your desk or in your locker and go for a walk or jog on your lunch break. Pick a road with a wide sidewalk and little traffic. You can also take advantage of any parks that are close by. If you are close to a park, consider carrying your lunch with you and enjoy a nice, relaxing lunch in the park at the end of your walk.

Even with good intentions to workout during your lunch break, you may find youíre easily tempted to fall back into your old habits. One way to deal with this possible threat is to find a workout buddy. Ask one of your coworkers if he or she would like to join you during your lunch workouts. You can motivate each other and hold each other accountable to stay the course. By bringing along a friend or two, youíll also make things more fun and interesting, which will help remedy any chance of slipping back into unhealthy lunch habits.

Donít have a co-worker willing to join you? Consider keeping a journal to keep yourself accountable and on track. You can also bring your MP3 player along each day and listen to your favorite songs, audio books or podcasts. This will help keep you more interested and entertained. Before you know it, working out at lunch time will become an energizing habit you look forward to each afternoon. Youíll be healthier and happier too.

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