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Healthy Food Ideas for the Grill

Grilling food is healthier than one might think. The grilling process is the reason for this. Here are some ideas to make your next grilling adventure a healthy one.

Healthy Food Ideas for the Grill

We will begin with your cuts of meat. When working with chicken you will want to cut off the excess fat. By buying your chicken already skinned and boneless you can avoid the mess of cutting up the chicken parts. Most of the time the stores butcher has removed the traces of fat before they package the meat.

Now steaks are a little different. The outer fat of the steak should be cut away. It is okay to have the marbled effect of fat within the meat. Follow the same process with pork. A butcher can point you in the right direction for the right cuts of meat for grilling upon your request. Removing the fat from meats helps to eliminate the cancer causing char and smoke.

Try steaming your vegetables on the grill. You are already cooking the meat on the grill so why not add the rest of your meal? Wrap your sliced vegetables in a piece of aluminum foil that is sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. The heat that the grill produces will create convection current inside the foil. Be sure that you tent the foil so that heat can move among the vegetables.

A healthy alternative to other meats is fish. Salmon is actually rich in omega-3 fatty acids. When fish is grilled it is tasty and tender. Placing fillets of fish in foil just like the vegetables allows you to keep them together during grilling. For direct grill cooking you will want to go with fish steaks over the fillets. Fish steaks are thicker but they will cook quicker than other meats. Be sure to keep a close watch over them while they are on the grill.

Experiment with other seasoning besides salt on grilled foods. The grilling process sears the outside and the seasonings that have been added. These seasonings combined with the succulent juices of the meat will add flavor to your meal.

Grilling healthy doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice flavor or your favorite meats. The part that makes grilling healthy is that the fat in the meat will all drip away as it cooks leaving you with a tender and healthy main course.

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