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Immune Boosting Foods

Everyone knows that eating healthy is important in order to maintain our bodies and minds. Keeping our immune system healthy is also very important. The immune system helps us to avoid becoming sick and in fighting off those germs should we become sick. Adding certain foods to our diet that will help boost our immune system is of vital importance.

These are the types of foods that we should all incorporate into our daily diets to help boost our immune system. They foods can be found in any local food market and arenít difficult to make or eat.

Foods That Help the Immune System

Herbs top the list of great immune boosting foods. Herbs such as garlic, goldenseal, olive leaf extract and astragalus are great in helping our immune system. They can be used as seasonings in food. Some even make very tasty teas or can be taken as a supplement.

Nuts and seeds also are at the top of list of immune boosting foods. Sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts and almonds have great nutritional value. Because they contain omega-3 fatty acids they help in producing white blood cells. Omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to increase the white blood cell activity in our bodies which in turn promotes healing.

Raw vegetables are also good foods to help the immune system. When cooked, vegetables lose many of their valuable nutrients. Vegetables that are very lightly steamed with contain more nutrients than other cooked vegetables but not nearly as many as raw ones. Orange and dark green vegetables contain vitamin E and beta carotene both residential in boosting the immune system.

Citrus fruit probably comes to mind when thinking about foods that will boost the immune system. Fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes are full of Vitamin C which is very important for a healthy immune system. Try having citrus fruits for breakfast or your afternoon snack to make it easier to incorporate them in your daily diet.

One other item that is vital to keeping our immune system healthy is water. Water rinses our bodies of the impurities that danger our immune system. Fighting off those germs is necessary and pure quality water is part of the answer. Be sure though that you are drinking fresh clean water that contains no substances that can endanger your immune system.

Keeping ourselves healthy is very important in the fast paced world we live in. To do that we must keep our immune system in tip top shape. Eating the right foods to boost our immune system is a great place to start.

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