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Low Cholesterol

We all know that high cholesterol is unhealthy. It can cause damage to arteries that restrict the blood flow through our bodies. This in turn can lead to strokes and heart attacks.

The good new is that if you have high cholesterol it is treatable. Medication is one way of treating it, but in many instances diet and lifestyle changes can make all the difference in the world.

Lower Cholesterol for a Healthy Heart

One of the bad sides of high cholesterol is there are really no symptoms until itís too late. Testing is about the only way to know for sure if your cholesterol levels are too high. It canít be stressed enough to be tested so you are sure.

High cholesterol can be due to diet, lifestyle and even be hereditary. We need a certain amount of cholesterol in our bodies to keep us healthy. Cholesterol helps us to create new cells among other things. Our livers produce cholesterol but it is also entered into our bodies through different foods. Therefore eating a healthy balance diet can keep those levels where they belong.

One way to help reduce those levels is to control the amount of fats that enter our bodies. Trans fat and saturated fats are found in the many of the snacks we consume. They are also found in foods that come from animals such as meat. As long as the meat is lean you can feel safe eating it if you have high cholesterol. Also shortening and oils made from animals can be harmful.

Losing weight can help in the fight again high cholesterol. Being overweight can cause the LDL or bad cholesterol levels to rise in the body. Going on a low cholesterol diet can help maintain your levels. Exercise can also help. Being active helps to keep the HDL or good cholesterol levels higher and exercise also helps in losing weight.

Herbal supplements such as flaxseed oil and garlic are used quite often to aide in lowering cholesterol. You can find these supplements in most health food stores, in larger department or grocery stores and even online. Also remember that drinking plenty of water can assist in lowering these levels. It cleanses the system of bad toxins including ridding your body of bad cholesterol.

If changing your lifestyle and diet doesnít help you should see your doctor. There are medications available that can help lower high levels of cholesterol. Also remember that smoking is a factor in high cholesterol. Smoking is not good for us for many reasons and this is one more reason to think about quitting.

Having high cholesterol doesnít mean stopping everything you love to do and eat. It just means taking a little extra care in your everyday life to make sure you are healthy. We all must take care of our heart. Where would we be without it?

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