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Pumpkin Anatomy Explained

A pumpkin is actually a squash that resembles a gourd. A pumpkin is bigger than most of the gourds we know. If you are interested in learning more about the pumpkin here are some interesting facts you may not know.

Pumpkin Anatomy Explained

You might wonder what all of the parts of a pumpkin are called. We are about to explain the anatomy of a pumpkin. Of course we all know that pumpkins have a top and a bottom. The stem is located on the top of the pumpkin and the bottom is the flat area on which the pumpkin sits. The sides of the pumpkin are called the "face."

The stem of the pumpkin is the umbilical cord so to speak. It is used to feed the pumpkin from seed to full maturity. When the pumpkin reaches its full maturity the stem is severed. If you pick up the pumpkin by its stem it can cause the stem to break off.

At the pumpkin patch you will surely see a few pumpkins that have curly green "hair" around the leaves and the stem. This curly green "hair" is not there to be pretty and is actually called tendrils. These tendrils do have a purpose. They wind around the vines to hold the immature pumpkin in place. Most of us know that pumpkins are not flat but bumpy. The bumps on the pumpkin are called the ribs. The ribs on the pumpkin define its form and character.

What makes up the inside of a pumpkin? If the sides of the pumpkin are called the face, then the gooey stuff inside the pumpkin could be thought of as the brains. After the stringy strands and seeds are removed from the pumpkin the open area is now a cavity. The pulp of the pumpkin is the "meat" that we eat in recipes. This can be eaten raw or used as an ingredient.

The colored side of the pumpkin is the skin. The pumpkins skin covers the rind and the "meat" of the pumpkin. The most common color of a pumpkin is orange, but they can be other colors as well.

There you have it the full anatomy of a pumpkin. Now put it back together again and create a scary Halloween Jack Oĺ Lantern, a beautiful centerpiece or a luscious pumpkin dessert.

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