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Reasons for Choosing to be a Vegetarian

The choices for a vegetarian diet vary, just as the reasons for choosing to live the vegetarian lifestyle. Here are some of the reasons one might decide to become a vegetarian.

Why People Choose To Become Vegetarians

Becoming a vegetarian takes a lot of thought and research. It is not necessarily something people decide over night. Although some people become vegetarians because of religious beliefs or due to ethnic reasons they still put some thought into it before making these decisions.

There are many reasons to change to a vegetarian lifestyle. Religious beliefs are high on that list. Buddhists, Hindus, Jains and Sikhs are all vegetarians. Some believe that Judaism follows vegetarian diets but they do not. They only believe in restrictions on eating meat.

Animal right concerns lead many people to becoming vegetarians as well. The use of animal products not only in foods but other types of products has caused great concern for many people. Because of their worries and their regard for animal life, many vegetarians refrain from eating meats and dairy products along with using any item that may contain these types of ingredients.

Environmentalists are more apt to turn to a vegetarian lifestyle. Because of the effect the production of animal products can have on the environment they chose not to become a part of this type of life. With the pollutants that are released in the processing of meat they feel it unwise to add to this type of environmental problem.

Becoming a vegetarian can have an effect on the labor conditions in many meat producing plants. The meat industry has been under a watchful eye because of its labor practices for many years. Many people refuse to add to this problem by also turning away from eating the meat that is produced in these types of facilities.

Economic concerns are a reason for some people becoming vegetarians. It takes a vast amount of land to raise a herd of cattle. Many feel this land could be put to better use raising grain or vegetables that would feed a larger amount of people.

Many people turn to vegetarianism for medical reasons. There are medical conditions that are hindered by eating animal and dairy products. Also many alternative medicine doctors believe it is the best form of diet for some with specific medical concerns.

Avoiding meat can also be caused by the scare of certain diseases. Not too long ago people were afraid to eat meat due to mad cow disease. Also hoof and mouth and the avian flu have been associated with eating meat infected with these diseases. To avoid exposure to these types of illnesses many people decided to exclude meat from their diets completely.

Because our world has become more nutritionally minded many people have gone to a vegetarian lifestyle because they believe it is healthier for you. There is no concern about chemical additives that are sometimes found in processed meats and dairy products. There are more vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the body when eating a vegetarian diet as well. Many foods eaten by vegetarians contain no saturated fats or cholesterol, which are the cause of many health problems.

Whatever reason you may have for wanting to become a vegetarian check out the facts and research. Make sure it is the right choice for you and your health.

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