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Reinventing Sandwiches, From The Outside

A sandwich isn't a sandwich without bread, or is it? There are alternatives, as you'll find out in this informative article on bread substitutes you might never have thought of before.

How to Reinvent Sandwiches From the Outside, With Different Breads

Many people think of sandwiches as two pieces of bread, with a variety of less important ingredients. Even more, certain standard varieties of breads are often the first choices – wheat, white, or rye bread being more popular than anything else. They’re not even aware that there are dozens of flat, sweet, and corn bread possibilities for sandwiches, things like lavash, broa, papadum, and zwieback, for example.

Thus, sandwiches can literally be reinvented simply by substituting these other bread possibilities, then filling fresh sandwiches with your favorite ingredients. Here’s a look at some ideas on how to start re-thinking your breads when someone asks you, “What kind of bread would you like with that?”

Hard Crusts

French and Italian eateries know a thing or two about different breads, and their first choices are usually hard breads like boule, baguettes, or fougasse. This may be the kind of gourmet flavor and flair you’re looking for to dress up more traditional sandwiches. These breads also tend to make it easier to stack juicy ingredients inside a sandwich without ending up wearing you’re your lunch, instead of getting it inside your mouth, where it belongs.

Grilled or Pressed Breads

You’ve probably seen those trendy pressed or grilled sandwiches called paninis in many of today’s establishments. Ciabatta, foccacia, and sourdough are some of the more popular bread choices used for these sandwiches, since a Panini doesn’t refer to a specific type of bread. These breads are simply easier to use to create those familiar grill marks that add texture and flavor to a popular choice for lunchtime crowds.

Wrap and Roll

There’s more to a sandwich than two pieces of bread, to be sure. You don’t even need bread to make a sandwich, really. You’ve likely tasted tortilla wraps many times without even thinking about it, for example. These lightweight flatbreads are tasty starting points for fabulous combinations that include a variety of meats, cheeses, lettuce, vegetables, and dressings.

In fact, wraps are becoming more popular than traditional sandwich breads, even in fast-food restaurants with long-standing traditions. Tortillas come in a variety of flavors like tomato-basil, sun-dried tomato, corn, spinach, and flour.

As you can see, creating new tastes in the American diet is simple with these types of choices. Soft tortillas are often used to make pinwheel and roll-up sandwiches for special events and parties, but they are also a great choice for outdoor picnics on warm, sunny days.

In addition, many countries have their own flatbreads for making deliciously unique sandwiches. People in Afghanistan bake vegan flat bread called bolani, then stuff it with things like vegetables and potatoes. In Norway, there’s something called lefse, used in rakfisk wraps with potatoes, sour cream, and onions. In the Middle East, they use a bread called lavash, something Jillian Michaels employs as a secret weapon of one of her most popular diet plans.

With so many bread varieties to choose from, creating exciting new possibilities with our 'standard' sandwiches is easy. Try a few of these exotic breads at your nearest grocer or bakery, and discover how easy it is to create a world of flavor and variety with sandwiches that excite your palate and sense of adventure.

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