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Single or Multi-Vitamins Which is Better?

Vitamins have become very popular in todayís world. With our fast paced lives, eating on the run and not being really sure if we are eating the foods that contain the daily amount of vitamins we need, they are almost a must. Which vitamin is right for us - multivitamins or single vitamins? This question is up for debate.

Choosing the Right Vitamin for Your Needs

In a perfect world all the vitamins we need would be found in our daily diet. This is not a perfect world and more often than not we donít eat the foods that are necessary to give us that daily supply. We know that and that is why we turn to vitamins to help us stay healthy.

To receive all the vitamins our bodies require in our foods would take a lot of careful planning. It is much easier for us to take those supplements to guarantee we have what our bodies need. Many of the health food companies are starting to realize this and are coming up with whole food supplements. These supplements are foods in their natural state. There are no preservatives or additives in these types of foods. It has been said to be more effective than vitamins and have been found to be convenient and in easy to use forms.

If you know youíre not eating healthy well balanced meals then the vitamin can help. Many believe a multivitamin to be more convenient. Thereís no trying to decide if you are getting enough of the vitamins and minerals needed on a daily basis.

It is possible though to get too much of a good thing. Too much can cause many unpleasant side effects. Vitamin C in too large a quantity can cause nosebleeds. A person can overdose on iron. These are just a few of the problems that can occur with overdosing on certain vitamins. Being careful with how much you get, especially in a multivitamin, is very important.

This is why many people prefer the single vitamins. It gives them more control over what goes into their bodies. They can decide which vitamins they need and how the need of each type. When keeping close eye on your diet the single vitamin may be the way to go.

Whether you take vitamins or donít is up to you and your doctor. Which way we go, multivitamins or single vitamins, depends more on our life style. Either way keeping an eye on the amount of vitamins we place in our bodies is important. Without them we canít keep our bodies healthy, happy and wise for years to come.

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