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Summon the Troops for a Boot Camp Picnic

Warm weather picnics can be relaxing, but they can also be a time for getting up and moving around with the people you're spending time with. Inspire the people you love to take part in a number of games and playtime activities, by planning a boot camp picnic that makes the day that much more special.

Plan a Boot Camp Picnic for Loads of Fun in the Sun

If you love spending time in the sun and being active during the warm days of spring and summer, consider putting together a 'boot camp picnic' to help people get moving instead of sitting around the entire day.

This is the right time for lots of outdoor events, and picnics are certainly a part of that list. Picnics provide an opportunity to do (other than socializing and sitting around, that is), that the event becomes more memorable by being willing to get up and move around. Here's a look at some of the activities that are perfect for such a picnic.

Mastering the Playground

If you picnic takes place at a park with a swing set and jungle gym, take advantage of this opportunity to create a few challenges with friends. Pit the youngsters against the grownups for some hearty fun and laughs. Challenge your favorite uncle to ten chin-ups and watch his nephew plotting to take over the lead.

Your mom needs to do hand-over-hands all the way across the bar if she's going to beat Auntie's record. A cousin and your sister are pushing with all their might to out swing each other, while the littlest ones do their best to provoke cheers from family as they somersault in the grass.

This could be as loose or organized as you want it to be. The key is for everyone to participate at whatever level they can without risking injury. It's always great fun to watch the young ones try to out-perform their parents and older relatives. Best of all, everyone gets a little exercise by being a part of the action.

Get Inspiration from Kids' Games

You won't find kids sitting around at a picnic very often. They have a natural instinct to play games and run around during picnics, because it doesn't take long for them to get bored with 'grownup talk.' They'd rather chase each other around and stretch their legs. Kids also like to get their parents involved with playtime, which increases a sense of rivalry and competition among the different age groups.

This doesn't require much special equipment, either. Simple games of hide and seek, tag, catch, or an outdoor scavenger hunt is enough to get people on their feet. Play something like 'capture the flag' to get everyone moving. Even throwing a Frisbee around will make you feel like a kid again.

If it's a nice breezy day, bring a few kites along for hours of fun for you and your kids. Hopscotch and skipping rope are other simple games that young children like to play, and older people will be giggling and enjoying some memories from years past.

Time for Team Sports

Choose your favorite teams and players and take up sides at your next picnic. You might even have access to a baseball diamond or a couple of basketball hoops, a volleyball court, or even soccer goals. Each guest can bring their own jersey or t-shirt with a favorite number or team written on it, to add to the team experience.

There are more simple games to consider which are fun for all ages. Bocce, Croquet, Badminton, and Horseshoes are just a few. Public parks often have one or more of these games set up for you already.

Do you have access to a lake with a few rowboats? Put a couple of crews together and have a race. Scheduling timeouts will let everyone catch their breath, and the spirit of competition will whet everyone's appetite for picnic food that tastes better after a little exercise.

Simple Foods for Active Picnics

While your picnic boot camp is in session, keep your choices for food and drinks as informal and uncomplicated as possible. Bring some finger foods like sandwiches, appetizers, fried chicken, or one of a host of easy salads to satisfy the crowd.

You'll also want to have lots of ready-to-eat fruit on hand. Slice up some watermelon, cut up a cantaloupe, peel a few oranges, and wash a bunch of grapes for a great selection. Heavy-duty playtime will create big appetites and a mighty thirst; fruit like this quenches both.

A handful of grapes isn't going to be enough, though. You'll want to keep everyone hydrated with a selection of healthy drinks and plenty of water. Don't let your picnic guests become completely drained of energy before they've finished enjoying an active day in the sun.

A fun day in the sun doesn't always mean laying on blankets and stuffing yourself with fried foods until you can't move. Sometimes a more active approach is what you really need. Invite your friends and family to a Picnic Boot Camp and get ready for a day of fun, laughter, and some friendly competition!

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