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What Can I Cook in a Crock Pot

You've been told time and again the benefits of using a slow cooker. It makes dinner time less hectic, it's cost effective, not to mention it can make your home smell wonderful during the day. After hearing all your friends and family sing the praises of them, you finally purchased a new crock pot for yourself.

What Can I Make in My Crock Pot Anyway?

There are several foods you can prepare in a crock pot so let's get going and see what some of those meals are. Before you know it you'll be cooking as many dinners as you can with the help of your handy dandy crock pot.

Roast and Vegetables
Rub a roast with the seasonings of your choice or purchase a packet of dried onion soup and sprinkle on both sides. Place pot roast in the crock pot and cover with water. Place the lid on pot and cook on low for 8 to 9 hours.

About one hour before serving, dice up potatoes, carrots, onions and mushrooms and place in the crock pot with your roast. Turn temperature up to high and allow to cook until vegetables are tender.

Soups or Stews
Almost any type of soup or stew can be prepared in a crock pot. Simply place all ingredients in to the slow cooker in the morning and cook all day on low to medium setting.

Ham (Soup) Beans
Buy a bag of Great Northern beans and a package of ham chunks. In the morning add beans and ham to crock pot and fill cooker with water. Set temperature to low and cook throughout the day. When dinner time arrives fry a few potatoes and onions and bake some corn bread for a wonderful sitck to your ribs meal.

Chicken Breasts & Rice
Place boneless chicken breasts and a large can of cream of mushroom soup in crock pot. Be sure to add any seasonings to your chicken beforehand. Cook soup and chicken on low setting for 6-8 hours. Five minutes before you're ready to serve, boil a bag of rice. Serve chicken and mushroom soup over rice for a simple meal the whole family will love.

There are a few ways to cook spaghetti in your crock pot. Some cooks prefer to cook their sauce and noodles all at once. Others choose to only use the crock pot for the sauce. Whichever way you prefer spaghetti is a great crock pot meal, just be sure if you use ground beef to brown the meat and drain well before adding it to the slow cooker.

These five meal ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to recipes for crock pot cooking. You can find other great crock pot recipes online, in cookbooks specifically written for crock pot meals, and by experimenting with your own recipes too. Once you get the hang of cooking with a crock pot, you might just find yourself wondering why you have an oven in your kitchen in the first place.

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