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Where to Find Crock Pot Cookbooks

Although crock pots have been around for years, there seems to be a surge in the popularity of this kitchen gadget as of late. Especially among busy, health conscious moms who want their families to eat home cooked meals more often. The problem with crock pot cooking is that without a bit of help, there are only so many meals one can think of in their own mind. So, where can you find some of the best crock pot cookbooks?

Places to Purchase Crock Pot Cookbooks

There are several places online and as well as off line stores where you'll find tons of slow cooker recipes and cookbooks. The best part is that many of these recipes are free for the taking.

You'll also find slow cooker cookbooks that not only contain yummy recipes, but ways to care for your crock pot and even tips for making your meals better. Here are just a few options for crock pot cookbooks.

Visit your local Books-A-Million or other bookstore to find a huge variety of cookbooks, including those specifically for crock pot meals. A recent trip to Books-A-Million revealed a nice 118 page slow cooker cookbook for under $15. You can also purchase the same cookbook on their website at BooksAMillion.com

Amazon.com is another great place to look for cookbooks of all varieties. You'll find popular and trusted brands such as Betty Crocker and others.

Another place to search online for a slow cooker cookbook is eBay. Here you'll find both new and used cookbooks. If you are looking for a specific cookbook that is no longer in print, check the auctions at eBay, you just might find there.

RecipeZaar.com is a website that specializes in crock pot recipes. There are tons of cook books that cater to crock pot preparation on the site. Do you like the Cracker Barrel restaurant? If so, you can bring some of their recipes right into your very own kitchen with the Cracker Barrel Crock Pot Cookbook.

Of course you can go to the original crock pot makers and purchase one or more of their many cook books too. You're sure to find a variety of recipes old and new this way. You might even find a recipe that your mother or grandmother used to make that everyone in the family loved. You'll find a list of crock pot cookbooks such as Slow Cookers for Dummies, Betty Crocker and Slow Cooker Recipes that is made by Better Homes and Gardens.

Whether you're looking for one new recipe to try or want to go all out and create a whole month's worth of crock pot meals, with a little investigation you'll find the perfect crock pot cookbook for your household. You can do so without breaking the bank too. The average price for a crock pot cookbook ranges from ten to forty dollars or more, depending on the size, the store you purchase from, and the quality of the recipes.

For those who love to prepare meals with their crock pot and want to show off some of their own recipes, it's even possible to create, publish and sell your own crock pot cookbook. Check out places like Lulu.com for more information about doing just that. Many of these sites allow interested buyers to purchase a physical copy of your cookbook or even download a digital one.

No matter whether you're a new crock pot user or one who couldn't live without their crock pot, finding a slow cooker cookbook isn't difficult at all and just might be what you need to give your dinners a much needed pick me up without spending the entire day slaving over your stove.

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