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Thanksgiving and Autumn

First Thanksgiving Dinner Feast
Here’s the lowdown on what the first Thanksgiving feast was really like. In the late 1620’s the Pilgrims arrived on Plymouth Rock by way of the Mayflower ship. After coming to the new land, the first winter was tough on them and many of them died. They not only had problems adjusting to the new land and freezing temperatures but there was also the problem of communicating with the land’s occupants, the Native Americans.

Unique Ways Prepare a Turkey
You can do almost everything more than one way. The Thanksgiving turkey is no exception to this rule. Everybody loves a slow roasted turkey from the oven. If you want to do something a little out of the ordinary this year, here are some other options for creating a turkey wonder that will be just as delicious.

Catering In Thanksgiving Dinner
Families come from all over to be together during the holidays. Thanksgiving is a time to reminisce about the days gone by while sharing a meal together. The last thing you want to do is to spend the whole day in the kitchen preparing the meal. Why not start a new tradition this year that will allow you to enjoy the company and the meal? This can be achieved by catering in your dinner.

Crock Pot Dinner Ideas for the Holidays
The holidays can be hectic, usually requiring lots of time in the kitchen making lots of food for lots of people. You can use your crock pot to help minimize some of that effort. We've got some helpful suggestions to get you out of the kitchen, able to spend more time with you family this holiday season.

Crock Pot Side Dishes
Remember when it used to take hours of time to prepare delicious side dishes like green bean casserole and macaroni and cheese? Today, the crock pot is your best bet for turning out old-fashioned side dishes that bring back memories of how it used to be.

Damson Plums Are A Delightful Discovery
Just when you thought you knew every fruit there is, along comes a new one. Well, it's not really new, but this plum is a lesser known variety than others, so it may be new to you. Let's see if we can acquaint you with this fun fruit.

Delicious Pumpkin Dessert Ideas
When most of us think of a pumpkin Halloween comes to mind. The most common use for pumpkins is to carve them out and scare the neighborhood folk with them on Halloween. Did you know that pumpkins are also good to eat? Pumpkin just so happens to be one of the most featured ingredient in many recipes during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Dessert Ideas
Don't most of us wrap up the perfect dinner with dessert? Thanksgiving is no exception as there are so many wonderful desserts to choose from. Below are some great ideas for Thanksgiving Day desserts that everybody is sure to love.

Doing Away With Stress Thanksgiving
Preparing Thanksgiving dinner can be fun but it requires a lot of work. Spending time with the family is hard when you are slaving away in the kitchen trying to prepare a meal for them. By the time it is all said and done it is time to eat and clean up. Here are a few things that you can do to enjoy the day and be less stressed out.

Easy Ways to Keep Kids Occupied at Thanksgiving
Holidays can be hard on children. Thanksgiving is no exception. There are the parades of course and all the family and friends that come by along with all the food but it can still be very boring to a child.

In the United States, Thanksgiving is observed on the last Thursday in November. In Canada they observe Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October. Thanksgiving is a time when people come together with family and friends to share a meal reminiscent of the first feast shared between the Indians and the Pilgrims.

Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers
Food is always in abundance at Thanksgiving. Everyone enjoys the meal. No matter how many people or how much food there are always leftovers. We worry if we will be throwing that delicious food away because you can only take so much. There are many different things you can do with those leftovers to ensure you get every single bite.

Just What Is This Thing Called a Pumpkin?
Have you ever been to a pumpkin patch? They look so pretty lying on the brushy undergrowth of the pumpkin patch floor. Pumpkins are actually fruits that grow on vines that run along the ground. They can sometimes be scary when they are carved, but when it comes to pumpkin desserts they make our taste buds go wild. What exactly is a pumpkin?

Plan Ahead Big Meal
Are you interested in meal ideas for Thanksgiving this year? These ideas will help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the holiday festivities.

Pumpkin Anatomy Explained
A pumpkin is actually a squash that resembles a gourd. A pumpkin is bigger than most of the gourds we know. If you are interested in learning more about the pumpkin here are some interesting facts you may not know.

Pumpkin – A Super Food Vegetable, Not Just a Dessert
Think of pumpkin and you'll likely think of Thanksgiving, and the pie you love to enjoy during the holiday. Pumpkin is a super food vegetable that has so much more to offer, however. Read this article on why the veggie is so versatile and beneficial for healthy diets with room for a little creativity.

Storing Leftovers
Due to the miracle of refrigeration people think that their Thanksgiving Day leftovers will last as long as they need them to. These leftovers will have to be stored properly after dinner so that they are fit to eat the next day. Here are some tips for taking care of those turkey day leftovers so they can be enjoyed another day.

Stress Free Holiday Cooking
Cooking for lots of people on the holidays can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be a stressful event that drains your energy and peace of mind. Following some simple guidelines creates more opportunity for an enjoyable time with family and friends during the holidays. Take these tips to heart for a better experience.

Thanksgiving Side Dishes
Thanksgiving is a time that we share a meal with family and friends. The centerpiece is the turkey but it is not the piece de resistance. Savoring the supporting players of the turkey is what we all look forward to. Here are some good ideas for making your turkey day side dishes delicious.

The Overall Benefits of Eating Pumpkin
There are actually other uses for pumpkin besides carving faces on them for Halloween. Pumpkin can be used in many recipes although there are no guarantees that the meal will be low in fat. A lot of people don’t know that eating pumpkin raw is the best way to benefit from the pumpkins nutritional value.

Tips for a Stress Free Thanksgiving Dinner
Being worried about whether the day is going to be just perfect is all just a part of hosting Thanksgiving. You want everyone to enjoy themselves but you need to be able to enjoy yourself too. Surviving the day can be easy if you keep in mind a few simple ideas.

Turkey Alternatives
Turkey has been a tradition on Thanksgiving Day for centuries. Benjamin Franklin actually suggested that the turkey be the national bird instead of the bald eagle. So, turkey has gained importance in American and other societies. Quite frankly, Tom the Turkey would like to be taken out of the spotlight especially at dinner.

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